Monday, 21 May 2012

Outfit O'Clock #97 - Dippin' those hemlines

MTV Top - River Island (no longer in stock, but this is similar)
Belt - Primark

It seems like I haven't done an outfit post in ages! Well it was last week, but for me that's ages. This outfit involves a new(ish) purchase from Missguided. I'd been looking for a black dipped hem skirt for a while and found that Missguided were the most competitive in terms of price. I mean £14.99 is pretty good! This t shirt has been in my wardrobe for nearly a year now and I found that it went nicely with the skirt and the Katie Melua-esque hairstyle haha. You can't really see the dipped hem effect of the skirt as I was wearing tights due to my pale 'Wednesday Addams' legs. But hey, you get the idea!

You can't get the MTV top anymore however I did find this similar, grey Rolling Stones vest from River Island which has gone down in price due to a promotional offer - it's a tenner at the moment. So altogether you could get this outfit for £25. Not bad!

Today I've been at home helping get the house clean and tidy ready for a viewing. We might be moving! EEK. I also rearranged my blog sidebar cause it was doing my nut in, it just didn't look right (I have slight OCD issues and if things don't match up properly it drives me mad!)

This evening I'll be organising my portfolio as tomorrow I have a mock job interview at Uni which I'm actually really nervous about because it's filmed in order to be assessed and it's just weird pretending that your lecturers are people you've never met before. I'm shite at acting so yeh I'm dreading it.

Hope you're all ok and enjoying the nice weather :)


  1. Oh my God your hair is absolutely fab! You look gorgeous in these photos:)
    & good luck with your interview xxx

  2. I love this outfit, you look lovely! Love dip hemmed skirts at the moment & I love the way you've styled yours with the sleeveless vest.
    Good luck with your interview :) xx

  3. You look beautiful! I really adore your skirt!

    xoxo, Laura

  4. I love the skirt, and your hair looks so so good!

    Laila x

  5. you look amazing dear :D love the outfit!

  6. You look gorgeous, are these skirts comfortable to wear? I;m thinking of getting one for summer :)
    Sam xxx

    1. Hi Sam :)
      Yeh they are really comfortable. Very floaty and light! xxx

  7. Love your outfit casual but chic :)

  8. Bargain skirt! You're hair and make up look gorgeous :-)

  9. Good luck tomorrow and that skirt is fab. I've been looking for a dipped hem and it looks fab on you!

  10. Such a lovely outfit, I'm a sucker for skirts and tee's, just so easy but I think it can be really effective (:

  11. Love this outfit and your hair is gorgeous :)

  12. This look is so cute. Love the t and your hair!


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