Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Fortnight of Instagram #2

1) A day trip to Ironbridge and a walk along the River Severn. 2) The chicks are growing up. 3) Fanta Beach - my new favourite. 4) Messy up do. 5) Ma petite chat. 6) Striped outfit. 7) And again. 8) Our evening visitor - Mr Prickle Pants. 9) At the ETAP before our all day rave. 10) Me pulling faces - haven't even started drinking at this point. 11) Flats for a night out - sensible. 12) Jubilee cakes.

It's been a while, well three days in fact. How's things? Last time I posted it was a scheduled post due to me being in Birmingham for a night/day out rave thing. The day was good, we went out at 2pm and got in at 12am. In the end we couldn't stomach the after party, however we'd been out dancing and drinking for a solid 10 hours so that's good going! We all wore flats which was the best idea ever, my feet are usually killing me after a couple of hours if I wear heels, so it was refreshing to come back to the hotel with my feet intact. I customised a top to wear out, it was previously a tunic type thing which I was going to through out, however after a bit of snipping here and there it transformed into an Aztec print crop top. I wore that with some tribal print shorts from Missguided, a denim gilet from Primark and my studded shoes.

I spent yesterday and today with Jack as he's now back in Telford for the summer. WOOOOOO. We've spent most of our relationship where he's lived in Manchester at Uni and I've lived back here so it should be nice to just be able to pop round and see one another. We've been chilling out, watching films, buying fathers day presents/cards and today he even came with me for some moral support as I had to have a blood test. I've managed to go throughout my childhood and teenage life without having a blood test so this was my first, however they had to take four different samples of blood to test for various things which made me feel a bit dizzy afterwards. I managed to pull myself together though!

Tomorrow it's back to work full time. WOOOOOOOO. NAAAAAAHT. I will try and get an outfit post done over the next couple of days depending on a) how decent my outfits are and b) how early I get up before work haha :)

Hope you're all well xxx


  1. Very nice pictures, I love your outfit on the first photos

  2. =D haha I love your posts;) and photos! =)

  3. Your hair looks so cute in number 4. That's nice you and Jack are near each other =)

  4. I love your hair, in all of them! Also - baby birds AND a hedgehog? Too, too cute!

  5. great photos!

    just found your blog, definitely going to follow!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc


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