Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hair Inspo

I love long hair. I'm desperately trying to get mine to the length seen above in these images but it's taking so long! The pictures above are keeping me going in my quest. They act as a preventative to me chopping all my hair off again and to stop me from reverting back to the old days when I had hair like this...

 I did like my 'Frankie' hairstyle however I'm over that whole look now and I WILL grow my hair long, even if it takes me five years. Then I can sport multiple cool hair styles like this long-haired lady below.


  1. eak! that last gif is amazing! i've been growing my hair for 4 years now (i used to have a short bob and now it's boob level!) i've found it helps if you tie your hair up at night, and generally wear it up as much as possible, that way it stops it getting all knotted up and breaking etc
    we *will* have long mermaid hair!

    1. thanks for the tip! i will give it a try :)
      mine always gets to boob length and then gives up haha MUST.. GROW... HAIR. xx

  2. I'm in the same boat as you! I had my hair in a chelsea cut and now i desperately want long 'mermaid' hair! Its just past my shoulders now but i keep getting tempted but cute pixie cuts and bobs. We need to stay strong :)
    Rachelle x

  3. My hair also gets to boob length then gives up:( 3 years I've been trying to grow it and it gives up at a crappy mid-length where you can do nothing with it :(
    And oh my gosh your bob looked great!
    Loving the hair with the blue ends as well xxx

  4. I'm totally for looong hair;)=) everytime I star to waver over get my hair shorter... I wath the Blue lagoon and my stupid short hair idea is over =D =D

  5. I LOVE the plait/pony tail style...may have to give it a try x


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