Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Dad. My Hero.

So today is Father's Day, and whilst I am in London and not actually able to see my Dad, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking of him and how amazing a Dad he is to me. This blog post is quite personal and hopefully you will read it and either: a) relate to what I'm saying, or b) be prompted to take action and raise awareness to this cause.

Last year my Grandad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has since been undergoing radiotherapy to treat the cancer as it spread to other areas of his body. Thankfully, he has responded well to treatment and is now on the road to recovery. Similarly to breast cancer being a hereditary illness, if a family member has prostate cancer, the risk of developing cancerous cells are increased and therefore it is essential for male relatives to get checked out. My Grandad prompted Dad to get checked for prostate cancer and after various tests it became clear that he too had cancerous cells in his prostate. Being prompted by a family member meant that the cancer was found earlier in life (as oppose to retirement age). This meant that it hadn't had chance to spread and therefore rather than going through the gruelling experience of radiotherapy, Dad has been given the option to have his prostate removed entirely. Something which he will be going ahead with in August.

This basically leads me to the point that once your male relatives hit 45, it is essential that they get checked for prostate cancer. It's such a common cancer in men and campaigns such as Movember highlight this - but only really in November - and unfortunately cancer is something that can occur in any month, not just November. Basically this leads me to say that as daughters (and sons if there are any guys reading this) sometimes our Dads need a bit of a push to get themselves checked. Let's face it, it's not a nice thing and many people believe they can ignore it and become oblivious to the fact that the longer you leave it, the more dangerous it becomes.

Father's Day is a time to celebrate our Dads and their Dads and even their Dads. I love my Dad and my Step Dad to bits and I'm very fortunate to have two Dads. I've just used the word 'Dad' a lot there. Oh well. You get the idea. But yes, even though it's not a nice subject (and I am in no way saying that you should approach this topic on Father's Day) I think that sometimes it is wise to prompt family members to get checked. My Grandad had prostate cancer, my Dad has prostate cancer and these occurrences (plus a bit of pushing from my mom and I) have now prompted my Step Dad to consider getting checked for it too. I know the testing process is not very nice - there's blood tests, a lot of poking and prodding, biopsies and such - but I'm pretty sure that these tests are insignificant in comparison to having to battle 'full-blown' cancer. In summary, I think it's important that we give the men in our lives a little nudge to get tested, whether it's your Brother, Dad, Uncle or Grandad... that little push towards getting checked out could save their life.  


  1. Aw what a lovely post. So glad your grandad is on the road to recovery and it was caught early enough in your dad, hope they're both having a lovely father's day :) xx

  2. This is a truly lovely post, all the best to your Dad and Grandad :-) xxx

  3. such a lovely post

  4. totally agree with you babe! and congrats to your dads and granddad;)=)

  5. Lovely heartfelt post with an important message! You have an awesome dad and grandad and they're so brave!


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