Friday, 1 June 2012

Outfit O'Clock #101 - Studs & Stripes

Striped top - River Island
Jeans - River Island
Necklace - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - A shop in the Pallasades (Birmingham)
Bag - Gift


This is what I wore yesterday. It's a bit more casual and relaxed however I like it. I do love a bit of monochrome and the studded shoes and cross necklace work really well to jazz up what could be deemed as a boring outfit. I don't know if any of you lot use Pose however I've just started using it. My username is tashahinde (as usual). If you're on there too then leave your username in the comments section below so I can follow you and check out your outfits! 

This outfit is made up mainly of River Island clothes and I have to say, I'm absolute loving the stuff that RI have on their website at the moment. If I had lots of money I would defo be buying ALL of their clothes! There's some lovely styles of clothing on there as well as unusual prints. I really want some of their high tops too. The ones with the built in heel could be good for disguising how much of a midget I am. 

Last night I went to Nandos with my friends who are back from Uni. Was really good to see them and I think we're doing 'Round Two' tonight and having a girly night in at my house. Ya know, the sort of evenings which require good films, lots of chocolate, ice cream, pizza, takeaways, etc! If you have any film suggestions then let me know or tweet me :)

It's now the WEEKEND. Jubilee times ahoy! Has anyone got any special plans to celebrate the Jubilee?



  1. You look gorgeous! River island is dangerous at the moment, I'm trying to keep away from it as much as possible.

  2. Loving this outfit :) It's so simple, but looks so good. The necklace and shoes are really pretty.


  3. I love this top and the shoes are so gorgeous, you look lovely :-) Have a lovely Jubilee weekend! xxx

  4. So mad, I'm wearing practically the same today - same top and shoes but with acid wash skinnies!
    You look flawless.

  5. I love your outfit, your shoes are gorgeous

  6. =) you're not a midget;)=) and I love the top;)=)


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