Friday, 8 June 2012

Outfit O'Clock #103 - Workin' 9 til 5


Forest green jumper - Primark
Shoes - Primark £4
Tunic - River Island
Belt - Karen Millen (vintage) £4
Handbag - Vintage Chamelle £5
Ring - Primark

How's it hanging sistaaaaaz? (and mistazzzz if there are any males reading this)?

Yesterday was the first day of full time working life for me *sob* and surprisingly it went ok. I've been doing marketing bits and bobs and some SEO/bloggy stuff which has been interesting. I've had to teach myself a load of new stuff by reading up on SEO and how to get the most out of your business blog and what not. I have to say, I AM SO EXCITED FOR MY FIRST PAY CHECK. I'm sick of being poor and not being able to afford ANYTHING. It's depressing seeing people partying on Facebook and Twitter, and there's me stuck in my room with a book and a cup of tea. I mean I do like reading and cups of tea, but not when all my friends are out having a whale of a time!

This month is pretty exciting as I'm off to London with my lovely friend Stacey and of course, it's my 21st birthday soon. YAYYYYY. I'm (hopefully) getting an SLR for my birthday which means I can provide you guys with amazing quality outfit posts from July onwards. OMGZ YAY. I'm so excited. Like a little Jack Russell bopping about everywhere. For my birthday I've decided my friends and I will be going out in true Tasha wacky-warehouse style... which translates roughly as... dressed as Grandparents of course! Gonna be cracking out the pearls, braces, grey hair, knitwear, knitted tank tops, false teeth and sensible shoes. It's going to be pretty hilarious.

In other news I really want to make an effort to meet up with bloggy people this summer. I have a few regulars who check back at my blog all the time and comment and I love reading what you guys have to say and really want to meet you! So if there are any meet ups happening or blogging events then let me know and I will try and come along providing it's not in Dubai or anything ridiculous :)

This weekend is going to be pretty chilled out. On Sunday I'm visiting Papa Hinde as I have had to move Father's Day forward a week early due to me being in London on the real Father's Day. I'm excited to see him and Gina and to have a good catch up so that should be good! Then on Monday it's back to work :( *sobs again*

Anyway I'm really rambling now... I can't see how any of this will interest you guys but hey ho you never know lol! I will now go and read my book and drink a cup of tea. The riveting life of Natasha Hinde...

Lotsa love! xxx


  1. I love this jumper, the colour is yummy and autumnal and is it quite bad that I actually want it to be autumn again so I can get out my jumper collection once more instead of having to guess what temperature it outside based on the amount of rain that's falling? ha (: Love the colour of your nails on here too! xx

  2. Congratulations on your first day at work! :D Really gorgeous outfit, would love to see more work related outfit posts!
    Georgia |

  3. Cute outfit! i wish i could wear my own stuff to work! Stupid work SHIRT, not even a blouse.
    Good luck with your new job! Hope you love it. =) and enjoy your book and tea.

  4. Great outfit! I love the color of your sweater

  5. ahaha, i too am reading (blogs) and drinking cups of tea ... on a friday night. mannnn i need to get a life lol X

  6. Gorgeous colour of green and those shoes are so so cute! Glad you're enjoying work :-) xxx

  7. omg! I love the shoes! primark rocks! =D and I wish you good luck in your new job;)=) and I enjoy reading about your life;)=)

  8. you look really beautiful :) great outfit!

  9. Love this outfit! Congrats on your job! I've been working for 3 years now, does have its perks ;)

    Mel x


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