Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Outfit O'Clock #107 - Fluoro Gurrrrl

Top - River Island
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Marc B via T K Maxx £25
Ring - Primark


This is what I wore to work today. I bought this FLUORO blazer from River Island when I went to London at the weekend. I absolutely love the colour of it, and I'm pretty sure you can see me from space - it's THAT bright. This is a very River Island concentrated post actually and I didn't even mean for it to be, I've only just realised when it came to writing where each item came from!   

Nothing interesting has happened today really, someone from the Brazilian Olympic Committee rang up work requesting some flooring for a football pitch which was completely bizarre but that was about it! Lisa popped round last night for tea and a catch up and she brought me round a PRE BIRTHDAY present...

50 Shades Of Grey. I'm actually very scared to read this as I've heard it's not your average read. I'm currently reading the Hunger Games trilogy so I guess I will get round to reading it eventually but must finish Catching Fire first (which btw is a brill book so far!)

ANDDDDDDD, I think that's about all from me. I'm slowly preparing myself for 21st birthday celebrations on Saturday. I need to get my body prepared for all of the alcohol! Massive lightweight over here. HELP.

Hope you're all ok :) xxx


  1. That blazer is cool and the ring and bag are very stylish.

  2. The colour of your blazer is lovely :)

  3. Wow that blazer is amazing!! bring on payday waaah ;'( And the hunger games books are SO good! I really need a new book to read that matches up to them! Have a fab birthday eeeee :) x x

  4. That blazer is awesome and love your bag too :)

  5. You look great, love the blazer!
    I'm almost tempted to read 50 Shades of Grey just out of interest as I keep seeing everyone talking about it! I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy, such good books! Enjoy the rest of Catching Fire :) xx

  6. Big fan of this look! :)

  7. That blazer looks lovely, compliments you very well, I love the colour

  8. I love the blazer, it's a gorgeous colour! I'm very intrigued by fifty shades of grey, I read online that it has been banned in all libraries in florida, not sure how true that is though :) xx

  9. what a nice colour of your jacket :)

  10. This blazer is laaavely!

  11. That blazer is lovely! Plus I adore the ring, good old Primark x

  12. Ooo those wedges are immense! I've been after a stripey blazer from River Island for one or two weeks, but it's a little bit expensive, damn!
    & I really don't know whether to download that book or not, I can't decide!

  13. You always look so perfect and polished, so pretty! I love the blazer, colour pops are a fave of mine at the moment :-) xxx

  14. It is actually not that good of a book. So know that going in. It is written not poorly but not very sophisticated or polished. Though it does have some pretty funny parts. I actually felt like the author hid behind the sex scenes so she did not have to write well. I ended up skipping through the sex scenes so I could read about the actual story.

  15. I like the look and I love the Hunger games triology :)

    I'm actually reading fifty shades of grey (about half of the book) and I like it :) Everybody was raving about it,so I downloading to read it in my kindle.

    It's no my average reading either,it's my first book of this....category,but I think it's interesting. You start to read and you can't stop! But you have to be open minded,just to understand it and enjoy :D


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