Sunday, 24 June 2012

Outfit O'Clock #108 - Pre birthday celebrations

Denim gilet - Primark
Satchel - Cow Vintage
Rings - Forever 21
Pearl bracelet - Topshop


Yesterday was quite a long day! The pre-birthday celebrations began with family over for a BBQ during the day followed by friends round for another BBQ and pre drinks in the evening and then a night out in Shrewsbury. I got in at 4am this morning and I've been hanging since. Tasha = confined to bed today.

The dress is a gift from TSTYLESU which is a clothing, comparison website. I was asked if I'd be interested in trying one of the dresses from their Maggie & Me range which feature some uber girly looking dresses which I love (and I have to say, I was loving the price too). I chose this pink, polka dot dress as I love polka dots and also loved the colour. I wore this during the day yesterday, and then slipped into my disco pants ready for the evening!

I've been a bit naughty and opened some of my presents already even though my birthday isn't until tomorrow. But will let you know what I got in a blog post tomorrow with photos of course :) (hint, there are some amazing pressies!)

Now I'm off to eat some food as my stomach hasn't let me consume anything today. Damn alcohol. Never doing that again haha (yeh right).

Hope you've all had a fab weekend xxx 


  1. Such a beautiful dress! The colour really suits you and I love how you've styled it with matching belt and bracelets :) xx

    1. the belt actually came with the dress which I was really pleased about! Love my cream belts haha xx

  2. I love the print on your dress, the colour is so pretty! Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a really wonderful time!

  3. This dress is beautiful! Looks really nice with the cut off denim jacket! xx

  4. Have a great day tomorrow! Can't wait to see your pressies, this weekend has been so busy for birthdays and stuff! We had 3 birthdays and a wedding anniversary!

  5. You look beautiful, that dress is gorgeous :-) xxx

  6. The dress is beautiful, love it with the denim waistcoat! eee excited to see your disco pants :) and happy birthday for tomorrow! xx

  7. That dress is unbelievably cute!

    Laura x

  8. I love this dress

  9. Love the dress, you look lovely. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! xx

  10. Hi! I saw your blog because it was linked from when you wrote about their sunglasses. Anyway, I am from the Philippines and I really like your fashion style! I love of your tops and dresses!! I am your new follower! <3 I hope you read this message and follow back my blog (if you want).. but I will still follow you though! Keep up the good job. And you are pretty!! <3


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