Sunday, 22 July 2012

Outfit O'Clock #112 - It's been some time

Shirt - Primark (recent) | Jeans - Warehouse (sale/recent) | Rings - Forever 21 & Topshop
It has been a considerable amount of time since I last blogged, 2-3 weeks in fact. For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know that I've been holidaying it up in the South of France and Spain. Whilst on my travels, I decided to give myself a time out from blogging but now I'm back I can assure you I'll be getting back into the swing of things.
This is today's outfit. The sun has come out and so I have decided to show off my little bit of tan with some tan boosting colours aka cream and peach. The jeans I'm wearing have gone down in price from what I paid for them, bare bargains! They're dead comfy and I love the fact they are high waisted, it hides a multitude of sins ;)
I got back from Barcelona on Friday evening and yesterday was spent recuperating and watching Harry Potter with the boyf. Then in the evening my parents came back from their holiday in Jersey, I headed home and we went for a Chinese which was delish. The holiday itself was fabulous, we had such a good time and saw a variety of places. We visited Figueres (Spain), Perpignan (France), Lieurac (France) and then drove back through the Pyrenees and spent the remainder of the trip in Barcelona which was my birthday present from Jack. Yes, my birthday was 25th June and yes, we have really stretched out the celebrations but hey... As gazillions of people have said 'you're only 21 once!' Though I'm pretty sure you're only any age once (for example you're only 22 once, you're only 23 once etc) so it's a bit of a bizarre statement.
I will blog a more detailed account of the holiday later on this week with pictures and info on where we visited for if any of you guys ever go! Right now I'm sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine before it disappears into a cloudy abyss for the rest of the year.
In a bizzle! Xxx


  1. you look super beautiful,love your outfit ♥

  2. Beautiful top, and I love the colour of those lovely jeans!

  3. you look so relaxed! =) the holidays had to be just amazing! we are planing this destination for the next year so I will be grateful for some info;)=) and the shirt is just perfect! =)

  4. You look gorgeous! Such a great outfit too, the top is so adorable! So chic but casual :)

  5. I love this blouse, why do I never find such lovely items in Primark!!
    Love how you've styled it with the coloured jeans :)


  6. that shirt is amazing!


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