Sunday, 29 July 2012

Outfit O'Clock #113 - Passion for Paisley

Dress - H&M €15 (sale) | Bracelets - Style Piques £8 each | Belt - Primark | Ring - Forever 21

Hi Guys,

This week has absolutely flown and now the weekend has come and gone way too fast. It's been work work work and therefore nothing majorly exciting has happened during the daytime this past week but the evenings were jam packed and good fun. Last Sunday evening we went to see the new Batman film which is now my favourite super hero / comic based film. It's the best, and definitely worth a watch. Monday was a catch up evening with the girls at Nandos. Tuesday evening was sunny and therefore it was only fair to have an impromptu trip to Ironbridge for a few cheeky beverages. Wednesday evening I walked up the Wrekin (a very big hill in Telford) with my friends. It was knackering but I definitely needed the exercise. Thursday evening was spent catching up with my lovely friend Hannah and Friday evening involved a BBQ and house party for my friend Danielle who is leaving to go to Australia for six months! How lucky is she?

The outfit above is what I wore this Thursday to work. I bought the dress in Barcelona from H&M. It was in the sale and I ended up paying €15 for it. Bargainz. I really like paisley print and the colours in this dress are so lovely too. The bracelets were purchased in a recent sale that Style Piques had. I really love the colours that they come in so ended up buying three. As you do!

Hope you're all ok :) sorry for lack of blogging. My computer is still at work so I'm having to rely on an iPhone to take pictures with and my iPad to blog with.

Loves xxx


  1. That print is beautiful. I've found it so hard to find pretty paisley at a reasonable price!

  2. the colours in this are gorgeous. Love it x

  3. The print on this dress is beautiful! This week has been crazy for me too. Can't believe it's sunday night already.

  4. this is a beautiful print! you look lovely

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  5. Amazing dress, so intricate! It's a beautiful print, you look lovely as always xxx

  6. I love this dress! Adore paisley print and it looks lovely on you! xx

  7. I have a skirt in this print, I love it! The dress version is so cute, lovely bargain too! xx

  8. Gorgeous, the colours really suit you :)


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