Monday, 13 August 2012

{ Babyliss Pro Porcelain Conical Wand }

I just wanted to tell you all about my newest toy for styling the old wig. If you read my post from earlier last week, you will know that I ordered a conical wand from the tinternet. I received a 20% off discount code via Paypal for HQ Hair which prompted the purchase and I paid £20.73 once the discount was deducted (this also included P&P). 

The Babyliss conical wand, which comes in hot pink, has a variety of heat settings which are typical of Babyliss products. A few years back I bought a Babyliss triple barrel waver which creates large waves in your hair and also has the same heat setting options on it. I find it's always good to be given the option of how much heat you want to subject your hair to, although I always whack it right up to the top setting to get the best results - probably not the best treatment for my hair, but hey. The conical wand also comes with a little glove to protect your fingers from being burnt as well as a heatproof mat to protect your surfaces. They think of everything, huh?

Overall I'm pleased with the conical wand as it creates corkscrew curls compared to the fat ass curls which my straighteners are capable of creating. Due to my hair being quite fine I do find that I have to absolutely cake my curls in hair spray to keep them from dropping right out, however if they do drop the effect is still pretty effective as you get that california surf chic-esque natural kinda look

So yes, i'd probably give the conical wand four stars out of five. It's easy to use, creates lovely looking curls in your hair and the price is pretty good considering you get all the assisting paraphernalia (now that's a good word!) My top tip for using this product would be that you're better off using the gloves provided as I did burn my fingers initially before I realised there were gloves to accompany the wand. 

And there you have it, now you know what my thoughts are regarding the Babyliss conical wand. I'm now going to wave it around my room and shout 'wingardium leviosa'... HA HAZZA POTTER jks.


  1. This sounds quite similar to the other babyliss wand which I love!
    Love the glove that comes with them as well! Such a great idea! X

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