Saturday, 11 August 2012

Outfit O'Clock #121 - Studs, Spikes, the works.

Disco Pants - American Apparel £70 | T-Shirt - Primark | Leaf Bracelet - Primark | Necklace - New Look £5.99 (Now in BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer) | Rings - Forever 21 | Shoes - Missguided £49.99


This is an outfit from Thursday night which I wore to bowling and then the pub straight after. Versatile huh? I wore it with flats to the bowling alley and then slipped on my monster shoes (pictured below) to dress the outfit up a bit for the evening drinkies. I tell you what, the shoes are growing on me comfort wise but they're so high I find it dead difficult to walk in them haha... I morph into Tasha the Teetering Tower.

Today I'm having a chilled out day before THE BIG CLIMB tomorrow up Snowdon. Basically I'm doing a memorial walk up Snowdon with survivors of testicular cancer (I'm not a survivor of it myself obvs but just thought I'd join in as my friend is also doing it). It's going to be a huge challenge for me as my fitness levels are poor but hopefully I will get to the top. Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for a picture ;)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! xxx


  1. This outfit is lovely! Your hair looks really nice
    Good Luck for tomorrow :)

  2. Your shoes are immense! I love them! I'm a fan of the disco pants too I dunno whether to invest in the AA ones or go with the cheaper copies that I keep seeing everywhere?
    Rachelle x

    1. I really like the AA ones as they make your figure enhanced and tucked in in all the right places. However I haven't tried any cheaper copies so it might be worth trying the cheaper ones to see how they compare :)

  3. I love your outfit, your shoes are amazing! Oh, and good luck for tomorrow :)

  4. lovely outfit, but those shoes are SO high, i'd never be able to walk in them hah

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  5. Please can I have your wardrobe? & your figure. & hair. & eyes. I might as well ask for it all while I'm at it. You always look soooo nice.
    Good luck for tomorrow!
    & I'm glad you didn't go bowling in those heels!

  6. Major hair envy! It looks gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous shade of blue, really suits you! Your hair looks so pretty here too :-) Good luck tomorrow! Not that you'll need it, you'll do great xxx

  8. The top looks so beautiful on you, such a gorgeous shade. suits you so well.


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