Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Outfit O'Clock #126 - Balloon ride

Scarf and Lace Top - River Island | Jeans - Warehouse | Peace Bracelet - Topshop | Rucksack - A Market Somewhere | Triangle Ring - Topshop | Green Stone Ring - Primark

Super Balanced Foundation - Clinique | Bronzer - Bare Minerals | Blusher - Body Shop | Lipstick - Dior | Liquid Eye Liner - Collection 2000 | Concealer - Benefit 'Boing'


Firstly, I wore a rucksack to work today. Secondly, how cool is this scarf?

My dear mother actually bought me the rucksack from some random foreign market when she went on holiday ages ago and I've never used it because it's so small and leathery and hilarious. However today I thought "ya know what, I'll use it" and here we are. What an interesting story huh?

The scarf was a purchase from River Island either last year or the year before (it was back when I worked there). I fell in love with the print of it and had to buy it, however considering it's soooo lovely I haven't really worn it that much which I'm disappointed about. I do have a reason though... All of my scarves and belts are kept in a drawer under my bed and this scarf was buried away at the back of the drawer, out of sight and very much out of mind. But I found it whilst searching for a belt this morning and thought 'YES GET ROUND MY NECK." And once again... here we are! Interestingstory.com... ALSO, I did a little search for 'balloon print scarf' and have actually found the exact same scarf on ASOS for £9 however it's now out of stock. BOO. Hiss. Thumbs down.

Anyway. Today I've been working, twittering, working and cooking a terrible excuse for a tuna pasta bake. That's pretty much all I've done. How exciting. Please say you guys have more of an interesting life than I do? I received a parcel from Missguided yesterday (I ordered it on Sunday, talk about super quick delivery!) which I'm excited to show you guys. It's some clobber that I'll be wearing at the weekend when me and my lavly girls go out in Birmingham so I will blog about it when I wear it. OH THE EXCITEMENT! What are your Bank Holiday plans (if any)?

Uhmmm I think that's about all I have to say for now. You'll notice I even included my makeup/beauty products in today's post. It was mainly because ages ago I remember some of you saying that you wanted to hear/see more about my beauty regimes and stuff. When I say ages ago, I mean like a year ago or something. Oh well, better late than never!!

Hope you're all ok :) xxx


  1. That scarf is actually amazing! I love it.

    Ahhh, I forgot it was bank holiday this weekend! No doubt I will be drinking copious amounts of alcohol!!! xx

  2. Love your scarf! I've never seen one with balloons on it before, so cute xx

  3. I LOVE this outfit! SO simple and cute :)
    Your scarf is so lovely too!

    CAT xo

  4. Love your scarf!!!

    Mr JK

  5. that scarf is amazing!


  6. That scarf is gorgeous! :) xx

  7. Pretty scarf, love your mint lace top too x



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