Friday, 24 August 2012

Outfit O'Clock #128 - TGIF

Dress - Chelsea Girl (River Island) | Peter Pan Collar Top - New Look | Quilted Bag - Primark


So it's Friday and I made it through the week! OMG YAY. Now it's party party party Bank Holiday super fantastical sweet Bob Marley ghostbusters diddly times. Yeh, it's THAT good. 

This is what I wore today to work. I do like this outfit, once again a top under a dress has worked miracles and livened up my Chelsea Girl dress which I bought from River Island last year. I wore some super high, New Look court shoes which my Mom laughed at (but I don't care coz I was taller than her muhahaha).

Yesterday and Wednesday eve I didn't feel so great. Some of you may recall I was super excited to go to Lisa's for a Dominos evening and a chat. The good news is I got to Lisa's and we had a chat. The bad news is I lasted 40 minutes before I had to come home and puke everywhere. LAVLY. So yes, all in all I learnt that stomach bugs are fun. Pretty much all of yesterday I was 'written off' on the sofa and feeling extra sorry for myself. But I'm fine now, fear not! I'm ready to party on until the break of dawn.

Today I've just been working, with a little mooch around Primark later this evening to end my day. I had to pop into town anyway to get an anniversary card for Mother Dearest and Tommy Tom Tom as it's their anniversary this weekend. N'awwww. This evening I'll probably see the boyf for a bit as we are both busy bees this weekend with various commitments so now's the time for a catch up. And that's about it!

Hope you are all ok and not suffering from stomach bugs! xxx


  1. Waa, get well soon, stomach bugs are the worst (: I think I very nearly picked this dress up a while ago, but thought it was too plain, if only I'd thought to do what you've done ey? (: xx

  2. You look lovely! Hope you feel better now! :( xx

  3. Absolutely love that dress!
    I actually feel really sorry for you! I had a stomach bug not long ago and projectile vomited from 6am until 11pm. Was horrendous! So I can completely sympathise! Glad your feeling better xx

  4. I really love how you do your eye make-up :) your so pretty. Love this dress the collar is stunning.
    Hope your feeling better, stomach bugs suck :(
    Jo. x

  5. Love this dress! Hope your all better now!
    I'm planning a shopping trip tomorrow so will have a look for this dress :)
    -Taqhdees x

  6. I was going to buy this dress but couldn't quite think of how to style it, you've done an amazing job - this looks gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend, glad you're feeling in ship shape now :-) xxx

  7. You are beautiful! I love the dress! xx


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