Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Outfit O'Clock #130 - GLAS @ Digbeth

This is what Hayward and I wore to a rave thing (yes we went to a rave haha) in Birmingham on Sunday. I didn't actually wear the disco pants in the end as it was sunny so I wore some studded shorts from Missguided however I forgot to take a photo, DOHHH TASHA.

Looking at the pictures above, the outfits are made up of the following:

My top is from Missguided and is £13.99
The creepers are from Tribeca shoes and cost £15 with the discount code 'TRIBECA007'
The disco pants are from American Apparel
And the hair style was created with the Babyliss Conical Wand

Lisa's top is from New Look and is £12.99
Her denim hot pants are from Topshop**
Her leopard print shoes are from River Island and are £28

**Sorry I got confused and Lisa has notified me that her shorts were in fact from River Island. My bad


  1. looking awesome, hope you had fun!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  2. awh jealous, i want to go to a rave haha. i love that top! i almost bought that. was it the black studded missguided shorts in your earlier post? what do you think of them? im always looking to buy new shorts


  3. Love your hair! It looks so lovely curly xx

  4. You both look fab! I love both of your shoes, so gorgeous xxx


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