Thursday, 30 August 2012

Outfit O'Clock #131 - I'm Banking On It

Glamorous Lace Tutu Dress - c/o Bank Fashion | Bow Ring - Forever 21 | Quilted Bag - Primark

Earlier this week I received this beautiful dress from Bank. The dress is made by a brand called Glamorous however you can purchase it in store at Bank or on their website. On Tuesday I received an email asking me to pick an item from the Bank Fashion website to review, and after much deliberation I chose this dress. The deciding factor for me was the lace detail on the top half of the dress which resembles a paisley pattern and is so intricate. (I've got a bit of a thing for paisley prints and lace, so it was love at first sight!)

So anyway, here's my attempt at 'reviewing' this item (wish me luck)... 

In terms of the material and practicality of the dress, the top half is very see through so I have to wear it with a plain black underdress as otherwise it's very booby. (If you have a plain black camisole top then that would be suitable to wear underneath too!) Lengthwise the dress comes halfway down my thigh which is useful for me (as I'm petite) however for tall people I'd advise to try before you buy incase it's a bit TOO short. Although, a top tip that I've learnt is that if I find an item of clothing is too short for me I just put some thick, opaque tights on to spare my dignity - it works wonders! *Dignity spared, phewwwww*

Overall I am really pleased with the dress. It appears to be made well and I don't think it will fall apart anytime soon. The item I've received is a size 8 and fits perfectly in all areas (except maybe the sleeves are a little long, but I have that problem with everything) and I'm really happy with it. It's so pretty, and girly, and very me! LOVE <3

It costs £38 to buy, however I've just noticed on Twitter that between now and 11pm Bank are offering 20% off purchases online, so if you're thinking about purchasing now might be a good time as it will be £32 #justsayin' #lovingmymathematicalskills #getyourselfabargain

Anyway, enough about my new wardrobe favourite, last night I went to see Ted which was hilarious. I thought it was really good considering it's about a talking teddy bear haha. This evening I really want to go out for drinks, so fingers crossed some of my friends will fancy it too as don't really want to go for a drink with myself. It'd be a tad weird!

Gonna go wash my hair and have a really hard think about whether I should go out or not ;)
Though, we probably all know what the answer will be! xxx


  1. This is so sooo pretty, I'm short and I find a lot of dresses too short, so I don't know how people over 5ft 5 don't flash everything haha! It suits you so well though Natasha. Have a great night out - sounds like it's going to happen haha :D
    Robyn Mayday

  2. I love this dress on you - you're so pretty. And I love it when dresses are too short for normal heighted people because it means they'll be okay on muhaha. Can't stand long dresses on my tiny frame! xoxo

  3. This is so purdy :D I'm really short too and usually have a problem with dresses being too long on me, it really sucks!

  4. THIS DRESS! = love.

    CAT xo

  5. I keep seeing this dress and I really want it! The lace half is such a beautiful texture! xx

  6. Love this dress! The lace paisley detail is unlike anything I've seen, really unique. It really suits you! xx

  7. Wow, this dress is just gorgeous.

  8. Love your look ! ;)



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