Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Budapest Travel Diary [Day 2]

The second day in Budapest arrived with a lovely rain shower which lasted the WHOLE day. My outfit that day prompted a few comments off the parents including 'you look like a post war sweetheart' and 'do you think you're out of the culture club?' Charming huh? Though it did make me laugh, I think a Boy George / Post War Sweetheart hybrid is both an interesting and under-rated look.

En route to Chain Bridge, we came across a little Cafe called 'Cafe Lanchid Sorozo' which was filled with vintage photographs, posters and other random (yet old) objects. I was so impressed with the place that I reviewed it on Trip Advisor there and then haha! The hot chocolate was also very tasty which is always a bonus in these places, after all, it's all very well looking the part but a restaurant/cafe needs to provide decent tasting food and drink too!

Cafe Lanchid, Budapest (situated on the Buda side of Budapest near to Chain Bridge)
Boy George / Post War Sweetheart hybrid woman
Some of the posters and vintage photographs which lined the walls of Cafe Lanchid
My lovely hot chocolate
After Cafe Lanchid we took the metro to West End shopping mall which is the biggest shopping centre in Budapest (and Hungary, I think). The shopping mall is home to over 400 shops including Mango, Pull & Bear, Berksha, Debenhams, Next, C&A (old school), MAC Cosmetics, etc etc etc x 400! Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend much time shopping as I was with the relatives and felt a bit bad dragging them around everywhere. If I went back to Budapest with friends or the boyf, I'd defo go back there and indulge in some extreme retail therapy!

That evening we were picked up by Anita and Gabor (my other relatives, Anita is Egon from the previous post's sister) who drove us to their little apartment in the outskirts of Budapest. Here we ate some lovely Hungarian stew (which was a vegetarian dish) and were given the option to try a variety of traditional Hungarian desserts including the homemade biscuits pictured below, which were shortbread type biscuits with a sweet jam centre! LAVLY JABBLY. We also had some chestnut paste thing which was really tasty but quite rich and then a quarter of a watermelon. It was a random evening, but I loved it!

Homemade biscuits
Family <3
One thing which I wanted to mention was that for some unknown reason on the second day I woke up with the biggest set of suitcases under my eyes EVER. This made me think about eye roll ons and what I like to call 'de-puffers' and I was wondering if any of you guys have used a miracle cream or roll-on stick thing under your eyes which has reduced puffiness? I don't know if it was because of lack of sleep, dehydration or whatever but my eyes were terrible! So yes, please feel free to leave comments or links below with your miracle de-suitcase cures. Thanks in advance ;) x

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  1. I use Loreal RevitaLift and it works so well for baggy, puffy eyes and dark circles!


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