Thursday, 27 September 2012

Outfit O'Clock #134 - Dressmaking For All

Peter Pan Collar - DIY | Jumper - Mango | Jeans - Warehouse | Satchel - Primark | Ring & Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins

Hello! I haven't done an outfit post since I got back from Hungerzzz so here we are... Featuring my spifferoo new peter pan collar, innitttt noice? Actually, on a serious note, I really like this collar with this outfit. This is a very proud achievement for me as it's the first thing I've ever made that I will actually wear! WOO long may it continue! I like how an otherwise boring outfit of a grey jumper and teal jeans has been livened up with the collar, and the button in the middle of the collar is complimented by my mustard satchel which I haven't used in a while! All in all, it's a winner winner pasta dinner situation. (I chose pasta dinner so that meat eaters and vegetarians alike can bask in the glory of this winning situation! How thoughtful!)

This evening I've been at college at my 'Dressmaking For All' course. I bought the pattern and material which I will be using to create a skirt today from a shop called Watson & Thornton in Shrewsbury. It's a lovely old building which is probably one of the best haberdasheries around this neck of the woods. If you ever visit Shrewsbury it's definitely worth a visit! I've decided that now I'm a working gal (and not the sort you find on street corners) I should make myself some work clothes... so my first project is a pencil skirt in a plum colour (perfect for Autumn/Winter). This week at college we've been taking body measurements so nothing interesting to report back except I have zero shoulders haha. It's really interesting learning how to take proper measurements for the whole body actually, I feel so knowledgable already ;D

Anyway, I'm going to go and chill for the evening with my big bar of Dairy Milk chocolate :) <3
Love to you allllllll xxx


  1. I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I must say it is saved to my 'favorites' bookmark on my computer :] That peter pan collar looks great with your outfit! Ive been trying to find the right pattern to make my own and I was also wondering if I could even accomplish wearing one once I made it. haha. Yours is beautiful and it gives me hope :] Great outfit <3

  2. Absolutely gorgeous collar, really does liven up the jumper and bring out the colour of the satchel :-) Lovely!

    Samwich Box


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