Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hair SOS

Caring for your hair needn't be a nightmare.
This is my new motto, and a motto which more people should abide by I reckons.

Just lately my hair has been pretty limp, lifeless, dull, uninspiring, bleak, frazzled... you get the picture! I've wanted to grow my hair out for a while and I've been doing well however a few weeks back I had the sudden urge to cut it all off as I was having bad hair day after bad hair day. Growing your hair long is always difficult, and growing out a fringe as well means that your hair lacks any form of shape and is usually at it's best when it's all tied back out of your face. Not ideal! So, I decided I needed an action plan to help me in my quest for luscious, long locks rather than shoddy, shapeless hair.

My hair action plan involved:
a) Investing in some hair extensions. 
(Not for length, but to add volume to my roots and thicken my hair!)
b) Finding a decent hair conditioning mask.
(To make my hair smooth and less damaged looking.)

In my quest for hair extensions I decided to look in Hair magazine to see who they suggested as being half decent to buy extensions from. I ended up on the Foxy extensions site and asked to be sent some hair extension colour samples so that I could match up my hair colour to their extensions hair colour. This seemed a pretty simple process and I decided I was shade 4 (which happens to be bang on my hair colour)! I also noticed that Foxy extensions do dip dyed extensions for those of you who maybe aren't brave enough to dip dye your real hair. This might be worth a shout!

Avec hair extensions.
Anyway, I ordered the clip in 12" extensions from the website in shade #4. Altogether the order came to £30 for a full head of extensions (as they are currently having a sale) which is pretty good as extensions can range from £30 to about £300. CHUFTIES. 

I then stumbled across a hair mask in the Avon catalogue one evening and thought it'd be worth a shot. The mask is part of the Advance Techniques hair care range which Avon do and the product is called '360 Nourishment with Moroccan Argan Oil.' I was really impressed with the price as £2.20 for any hair product is good (it's currently on offer), and hair repair masks with moroccan oil in can usually be much more expensive. So far, I've used the hair mask twice and have noticed a difference when it comes to blow drying my hair as it feels softer and less frizzy. BARGAINS. 

Advance Techniques '360 Nourishment With Moroccan Argan Oil' Hair Mask £2.20
What do you think? Have you got extensions? Did they work for you? Where did you get them from?
Have you tried the hair mask from Avon? Did it help to repair your hair? 
Sorry for the 1,000,000 questions!


  1. The hair mask sounds lovely! I find the Aussie 3 minutes masks are fabulous, and available for like 80p in boots! Would really appreciate if you checked out my blog:) xo

  2. Ooo I've been using that hair mask and I've noticed how much shinier my hair is! Really need some hair extensions as well, mine just never grows!!

  3. I've never used that hair mask, but I have bought the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner, which does seem to be helping a little!


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