Friday, 5 October 2012

Outfit O'Clock #137 - The Clash

Skirt - River Island £16 | Bird Print Top - Dorothy Perkins | Cardigan - M&S | Bag - Marc B | Nails - MUA 'Bright Coral' £1

I wore this yesterday to work. It was a bit of a random decision to print clash but it was the first cardigan I pulled out and I was in one of those random moods so decided it was a good choice. I quite like the result, it's a bit random but it's good (I think)! The skater skirt was a pretty good steal from River Island. Being black, it goes with loads of things and is ideal for work. I love it! It's one of those staple wardrobe pieces that you think... 'yep that was a good purchase!' Might get the burgundy one if they still have it.

This week I've been mainly working and doing my evening course at college (which I've decided is harder than my degree). Interesting times! Though this evening it all becomes much more fun as I'm off to see my Uni friend, Charli, and we're going to have one of those girls nights (ya know, the ones that men don't understand) where you sit in your onesie and eat loads of crap and watch films and just talk, and talk, and talk... 

And that's about all from me for now. I'm currently on the look out for a black leather jacket for Autumn so if you see one that looks half decent and is a good bargain then let me know! I've seen a few about but I'm uhmming and ahhing about whether to get a real leather one or not. It's a difficult decision. Also, thanks to those of you who shared your hair mask ideas in my last post! I might give the Aussie hair mask a go next as a few of you seemed dead impressed with it :)

Adios for now xxx


  1. I love the clash - the bird print top is gorgeous :) Do you find that skirt picks up hairs/fluff etc easily? I have the topshop one which is pretty much identical but it attracts everything until it looks fluffy and I really want a more reliable one as these skirts are so versatile xoo

    1. I bought mine from H&M, pretty much identical, was either £14 or £16, and doesn't attract anything or pick stuff up like a lot of my other clothes do. We have a Labrador who malts A LOT, so usually my clothes get covered, but this skirt doesn't! xx

  2. Beautiful combination! Love it! Greetings from Munich :)

    Vanessa -

  3. that bird top is sooo cute!! i love dorothy perkins for their cute meets grownup chic stuff!!

    Miss drifted Snow White


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