Monday, 29 October 2012

Outfit O'Clock #140 - Busylicious

Trousers - H&M £7 (Current, these are similar) | Peter Pan Top - Primark £10 (Current) | Gilet - £15 (New Look sale) | Pink Stone Ring - Primark £2 (Current) | Peace Bracelet - Topshop (Old) | Leather Bracelet - Lookbible £11


How's it going? This weekend I actually managed to get an outfit photograph taken. Rejoice! Despite the days becoming darker and darker, there was a fair bit of light coming through the window on Saturday morning so I got happy snappy and voila, here we are! This is what I wore Saturday, though I'm undecided as to whether I like the printed trousers or not. A while ago I posted about printed trousers and ever since I've been on the look out for a nice pair that I can wear to work. I found these in H&M for £7 and thought, yep I'll have those! I love the print and the fit of them, but I'm unsure whether they are appropriate for my midget legs as it definitely draws attention to how short I am, haha.

This weekend has gone SO fast. My Hungarian relatives came to visit on Saturday and stayed with us until Sunday evening. We tried to cram lots into the weekend including shopping, a meal out in Shrewsbury, some drinks in the evening, a trip to Bridgnorth and cooking a Sunday dinner! It was pretty impressive! Then last night my lovely boyf, Jack took me to see the new James Bond film, which we really enjoyed. I won't give away the plot or anything but I liked how it was sort of different to the other James Bond movies.

I think the weekend has definitely caught up on me today as this morning I woke up zombified. How attractive! Mind you, I guess it's the right time of the year to look like a zombie... [insert some form of Halloween joke comparison thing here]

Anywho, best be off as this evening I shall be catching up on homework for my dressmaking college course as I am WAY behind. As usual, everything else has taken priority!

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