Monday, 26 November 2012

Outfit O'Clock #146 - Sixties Chic

I love this kind of outfit. It's smart enough for work, comfortable and has a vintage feel and look to it. It's also super colourful! I don't know about you guys but when winter comes along I always feel the need to wear dark colours: black, grey, brown, khaki.... those become the regular colour choices for me. Booooooring (and not to mention extremely safe!)

I purchased this skirt from Romwe last year and haven't really worn it since as I had to have it taken in (being small has it's disadvantages). When I first saw the skirt I remember falling in love with the style and colour, the length is ideal for me and I am particularly fond of the symmetrical feel it has with the pockets on either side. I wondered if Romwe still sold it on their site and found that they don't, however I did notice that they are selling a similar version this season with a more orange hue and larger pockets. Romwe are also having a Black Friday sale at the moment, so it might be worth checking that out for some discounts!

Skirt - Romwe | Peter Pan Collar Blouse - Primark | Bag - Marc B via T K Maxx 


  1. I love the 60's and your outfit! Just awesome:)

  2. sooo massively jealous of your figure! you're so petite and tall so you can pull of this look sooooo well! love the outfit, i really do! just missing some bare legs with knee-high socks :)

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit! I really love the shape of the skirt :)
    Catherine x

  4. Love this so, so much - 60s is totally your decade (mine too!) :)

  5. This outfit is gorgeous! I think peter-pan collared blouses are my favourite thing ever. 60s fashion is wonderful.



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