Friday, 30 November 2012

Outfit O'Clock #148 - Layers For Life

Floral Tunic & Satchel - Cow Vintage | Grey Cardigan, Loafers & Gilet - River Island | Jeans - Warehouse | Rings - Primark/Dorothy Perkins

Sometimes it's quite nice to go out dressed like a bear. 

Layering is important, particularly now that the weather has decided to stop being shit by flooding everywhere and has instead decided to freeze everyone's asses off. In fact, chances are that if you don't layer up in the mini-ice-age-thing (probably an exaggeration) that is due to hit us you will probably turn blue... Nobody wants to look like a smurf. Unless of course, you are a smurf.

This floral tunic thing that I found in Cow Vintage a few years back is one of my favourites for AW. Mainly because all of the colours: browns, oranges, greys, whites, black etc. go with practically the whole of my wardrobe.

Today's been pretty dull... although I did manage to squeeze in a post about Christmas dresses avec a bucket load of sequins. Loving that. I got a nice little update on Facebook when I got in from work too saying that the iridescent green dress from Motel Rocks was back in stock... so what did I do? I panic bought of course! Guess who's now the proud owner of a Motel Rocks iridescent green dress...? YUH HUH SISTAZ. 

(And of course I took the liberty of using my own discount code 'tashahinde' to get myself 20% off - may as well!)


  1. Gorgeous outfit, i just discovered your blog & adore it! x

  2. you look amazing! the oufit looks so cozy:)

  3. Totally love Smurfs aha.
    And I love your fur gilet too!

    Rosie x

  4. God it really has turned cold eh? I was freezing today! You look so cosy - absolutely love the faux fur gilet.

  5. Such a cute outfit! Love the gilet x


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