Friday, 30 November 2012

Sequin City

I like sequins. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that sequins are my ultimate Christmas guilty pleasure. When someone says sequins I automatically think of the party season, and so I figured it'd be good to share my knowledge of sequinned garments on the high street in case you're still on the look out for the ultimate, sequin-tastic, show stopping party dress. I'll stop saying the word 'sequins' now I promise.

Anyway, if you're interested, then check out these bad boys retailing from just £30.

Iridescent Green Dress - Motel Rocks - £58 * Get 20% off using code 'tashahinde'
Matte Gold Party Dress - Glamorous - £47.99 (Also available in Burgundy or Black)
Stud Shoulder Dress - Boohoo - £30 (Available in Black or Gold)
Bow Cuff - Boohoo - £8 (Available in Black, Silver or Gold)

You may have noticed I've chosen longer sleeved dresses in the montage above as opposed to short sleeves/bandeau style dresses. This is because I once had a bandeau sequin dress from Republic and it rubbed around my under arms and inner arms when I walked and moved (which isn't good). So yes, avoid bandeau styles and short sleeves to prevent the sequins from rubbing your bare skin. You shouldn't have to be in pain or uncomfortable at your Christmas party!


  1. I LOVE that matte gold dress... might have to invest for my Christmas party!

  2. i love the matte gold and rose gold ones x

  3. Completely in love with sequins too.
    The Motel dress is seriously lovely,

    Rosie x


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