Friday, 21 December 2012

Outfit O'Clock #153 - Daddy Cool

Hello all, how's it hanging?

Introducing the newest addition to my handbag collection, this gorgeous satchel from Brand Village. I'm a bit of a satchel fan. Due to my height - standing tall at a fraction over 5ft - I often find it really difficult to get a handbag that doesn't make me look diddy. For example, tote bags. They're totes nice, but they totes make me look tiny too! Satchels, on the other hand, are a smaller handbag choice (making me seem slightly less dwarf-like) and I always fall for how classic and traditional they look no matter what you wear them with. Totes shmotes, it's all about the satchel right now.

In other news, how gorge is this leopard print jumper? Yesterday I received a lovely tweet saying I'd won the Mary Jane Fashion 'Mary Xmas' competition. I got to choose two pieces of knitwear from their site and this was one of my choices. I'm a bit of a sucker for animal print and because it's got a furry sort of texture I was completely drawn to it. I love the oversized feel of it, it's so cool! The other item I chose was this cream cardigan, which I'm excited to wear - in fact I'll probably wear it tomorrow when I meet up with my friend in Wolvo. 

In other news I broke up from work today and I'm SO excited for Christmas. AHHHHH. Is anyone else excited? I get like this a few days before the big C day. Like a five year old child I am, oh well!

Hope you're all ok anyway :) will be blogging a bit more now I'm off work! WOO

P.S - the world didn't end today. Happy days!


  1. that bag is beautiful! been on a hunt for a bag, may have to have a look!

  2. SUPER cool outfit girl! That bag!! x

  3. that bag is just a little bit sexy. Cute jumper too! Fancy the cardi you chose just a bit too - very jealous of your winnings ha!

    Wahoo for more posts - looking forward to these fabulous lady!

    Robyn Mayday


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