Friday, 21 December 2012

Pure Grace by Philosophy

Pure Grace by Philosophy - Hot Salt Scrub Review*

I was contacted by someone from Talented Talkers (@TalentedTalkers) recently who asked if I'd like to review the hot salt scrub 'Pure Grace' by Philosophy. If you haven't heard of Talented Talkers, they are a group of cool and hip people who get bloggers participating in reviews for a whole host of brands. Exciting stuff! Anyway, enough about those guys, and more about the product... In the words of Paddy McGuiness - "Let the scrub see the skin!"

Last night I thought I'd treat myself to a bath (get me, pushing the boat out), and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to use the hot salt scrub. I'm not usually a big exfoliater kind of person, I know you're meant to exfoliate regularly but I never seem to have time to do it unless I'm going for a spray tan or something - so this is kind of a big deal for me!

My skin is usually pretty dry and I have to admit, it's been looking a bit dull since winter has hit. My tan from holiday has slowly faded and I've been left with pale, slightly dry, dull looking skin. Delicious! I used the Pure Grace hot salt scrub on the majority of my body yesterday - legs, arms, stomach, ankles and elbows, neck - why not ay? The texture of the scrub is really nice with a creamy smooth feel at first, followed by a slightly abrasive texture from the salt. It's not too harsh either - I've found before that some exfoliants can be a bit too scratchy - but this was quite gentle and left my skin feeling super soft and smooth!   

Pure Grace by Philosophy (RRP - £20.50) is a little bit of luxury in a lovely tub. There's something about how beauty product packaging is designed that's a big deal for me - I like something that I can leave out in the bathroom which will go with the interior! And the black and white, simplistic design of Pure Grace does just that. The tub holds 625g of the stuff so you get quite a lot of bang for your buck too. Overall I'm really pleased with the hot salt scrub and I'm hoping to try using it regularly to get rid of this dull, wintry skin I seem to be sporting just lately.

Have you tried Philosophy before? What did you think? Link me to your reviews in the comments section :) 


  1. This looks stunning, a little out of my student price range though!

  2. Wish this wasnt so expensive, sounds great


  3. This scrub sounds amazing. I definitely want to try it now x


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