Sunday, 13 January 2013

Midi Madness - Ten Midi Dresses Under £20!

With January being one of those months where funds are a little tighter than usual (Christmas and New Year festivities can hit bank accounts hard) I figured it'd be good to hunt for some midi dress treats for under twenty quid. That way you can work the midi trend on a budget! I've heard a lot of mention of spending bans on other blogs and on Twitter, and I think they're a good idea - however I also think that hunting around for the cheaper alternatives to the latest trends can save you a load of dosh. Instead of forking out £40 for a Topshop midi, you can spend between £7-£17 on something just as good!

2) Grey Jersey Midi Dress - £12 - Matalan (also available in other colours)


  1. I just fell head over heels for the Tabitha Midi Dress! Will definitely be taking a look at Daisy Street! x

  2. I really need a midi dress in my life! I love number 7 the best.

  3. This post has come at the perfect time...I've become obsessed with all things midi-length! x

  4. I adore midi dresses, i can't stop buying them.
    I think i'll have to add some of these to my collection too!

    Hannah xx

  5. I wish I could pull off midi-dresses! #5 is my favourite :)

    The Style Rawr!

  6. They are some gorgeous dress you have picked. I'd love to try one but 5"2..... I don't think it'd work.

  7. These are amazing, love number 7!


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