Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Outfit O'Clock #157 - Happy New Yearz

Jumper - River Island (New) | Shirt - Miss Selfridge (Old) | Satchel - Accessorize | Jeans - Warehouse (Old) | Bowler Hat - eBay

I've had my eye on this jumper for agesssss after seeing it in River Island just over a month ago. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when I pulled this from masses of wrapping paper on Christmas day! The fabric which the jumper is made from is so soft and has an almost furry texture to it, it's also super warm and goes with loads - espesh my bowler hat! It also looks pretty funky with pretty much any blouse/shirt underneath it. This satchel was also a Christmas present and is another personal favourite... I particularly love the fact it's black AND brown so it goes with ALLLLLL the tings. Winning satchel formula right there.

Bowler hats seem to be getting increasingly popular and so I figured it might be worth letting you know about the eBay seller who I had my bowler from. I think originally I purchased mine for £3.50 and the price has gone up by £1 but they're still really good value for money! If you're after a bowler that won't break the bank then I'd definitely suggest this seller.

In other news, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's now 2013 and I feel increasingly old as the years progress. This year I'm hoping to sort career shiz out, save up for the day I eventually move out, attend more bloggy events and just generally enjoy life. Fingers crossed it'll be a good year :)


  1. Absolutely need this jumper. Now. It looks amazing on you x

  2. loooove the outfit doll! you look great! gotta get this bowler hat as well!

    Miss drifted Snow White

  3. I absolutely love that jumper! x

  4. Love the texture of your jumper! Happy New Year xo

  5. That jumper looks like a beautiful dreamy thing to wear, SO FLUFFY <3

  6. Love this look so much!! x

  7. You're looking gorgeous here :) This jumper is perfect, not something I'd pick up in store but it looks amazing on you x

  8. Loving the jumper on you! Pattern is amazing!


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