Friday, 11 January 2013

Outfit O'Clock #160 - My First Dahlia Experience

Dress - Dahlia £20 (Sale) | Handbag - Osprey London | Jumper - Mango | Fur Scarf - H&M | Ring - Primark

CHECK MA DAHLIA DRESS! Prior to this dress arriving along with a studded skirt, I'd never bought anything from Dahlia before. I'd been eyeing up so many pretty clothes on their site for months but couldn't justify spending £50 or more on a dress - particularly as I've been on the hunt for bare bargainz due to lack of cash inflicted by my former University life. When I found out that their January sale had started, I decided to venture onto their site to see if anything had reached my price range and ALAS there were loads of beautiful beautiful bargains to be had! Good things come to those who wait. There are still loads of lovely things to be had on there, so if you're quick then you might be able to snap yourself some deals up! I really do love how Dahlia clothes are so feminine and ladylike, it's right up my street. I'm particularly a fan of the floral print on this dress and the studded collar. #coolcatalert

In other news, I got this Osprey London bag for Christmas and absolutely love it. It came with a cute matching makeup bag and purse and I feel dead posh when I wear it. I thought it'd go really well with this dress and it did... good call Tasha, good call.

Have you ever purchased anything from Dahlia? What do you think of their clothes?


  1. Looks lovely on you! I love Dahlia dresses!

    Also that bag is GORGEOUS! Such a beautiful colour.

    your blog is lovely btw! :)

    shabna x x

  2. that first photo of you is STUNNING! xx

  3. That dress looks amazing on you! I love Dahlia lots, but I'm yet to buy anything from them! May have to check out their sale :)


  4. dahlia is lovely. always looking at their dresses, so pretty!

  5. This is a gorgeous dress! I really like the bag too.

  6. Recently come across your blog and I love it! Just been on Dahlia website to check it out and ended up buying a beautiful dress in the sale! :) Keep up the good work :) always a delight to read your blog!

  7. Amazing outfit, the Osprey bag is beyond beautiful!
    I love the fur scarf too.

  8. I'd never heard of that website before but that dress is gorgeous!
    I'll definitely be taking a look at their site.
    Lovely photography!

    Rebekah x

  9. I love your Osprey bag, what a great christmas gift! xxx


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