Saturday, 12 January 2013

Outfit O'Clock #161 - Za-Za-Zalando

Dress - c/o Zalando was £50 now £25 (New) | Pearl Necklace - Vintage | Handbag - Osprey London

How cool is the print on this dress? A few weeks back I was contacted by a representative from Zalando who offered me a gift voucher to try out their online services and to review an item of clothing. Zalando Clothing, who are a prominent retailer in Germany, are fairly new to the UK and before I was contacted by the company I hadn't heard of them before. When they appeared on the scene, it was quite a nice change to be able to try out (and find out about) a new business who's looking to make its mark here in the UK. 

The website features a variety of brands, some of which you'll have heard of - Benetton, Vero Moda, Esprit, Morgan - as well as some more unusual brands and of course, Zalando's own collection. The dress above is from the Zalando Collection and I was immediately taken by the pattern on it as well as the style of the dress - it's knee length and cinches in at the waist which was very appealing to me! Due to it being just after Christmas and the sales being upon us, the dress has also been reduced from £50 to £25 which is a pretty tasty price to pay for such a lovely and unusual garment. The only suggestion I would make to improve the wear of this dress is to wear an under-skirt underneath it to prevent the dress from clinging to your legs. (It's that sort of fabric which can hold a bit of static and stick to you if you're not careful!)

In addition to good prices and good quality garments as well as a plentiful selection of brands to choose from, the site also offer FREE delivery which is a big deal these days - I love a bit of free delivery

Overall I'm really happy with ze print-tastic dress and I can't wait to wear it in the spring with a floppy hat (and maybe even bare legs if I'm brave enough!) Have you heard of or tried shopping at Zalando before? How was your experience?


  1. gosh, they are gorgeous! Love the dress and the illusion it gave!x

  2. that print is gorgeous! Love the colours x

  3. This dress in incredible. What a fantastic find! xo

  4. I love the print on that dress so so much, it's amazing!


  5. Great dress, but I'm still just so in love with this bag!

  6. Such a beautiful print and dress :) !

    Hannah x

  7. You had me at free delivery. Great print, I love a print :)

    Karys x

  8. very 70s! a lovely timeless dress you've got yourself there :)


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