Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Outfit O'Clock #162 - Moonlight Sonata

Pearl Detail Shirt - Ever Ours | Dress - Primark | Belt - Vintage Karen Millen (£4)| Handbag - Osprey London | Necklace - Accessorize (Old) | Coat - Warehouse (Old)

Casually chilling and blogging, listening to Moonlight Sonata (some classical tune - it helps me concentrate when I'm doing work) with the cat LOUDLY snoring right next to me. I can't actually hear the music anymore over his snoring. Lord Snoresworthy.

Anyway, let's move off the topic of a snoring cat and onto the topic of this beautiful blouse from Ever Ours shall we? I purchased this a few months before Christmas and I've worn it a fair bit to work but never got round to getting it up here on ze blog - so here it is guys, isn't it dreaaaaamy. I particularly love the pearl detailing down the sleeves and you can actually undo them like buttons to get an open shoulder effect, meaning it's great for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Trans-seasonal blouse alert. Thanks Ever Ours. 

In other news, I'm trying to cut down on the spending just now and I'm actually considering a spending ban though I don't actually know if I'd be able to abide by that. Maybe I'll try a 50 day spending ban and see how that goes? Who knows! One thing I do know is that I need to manage my money OH SO WISELY this year - less nights out, less clothes and limited spending on unnecessary stuff, it all has to stop. *Cries* I desperately want to travel and I'm not going to be able to get by on thin air so this will be my motivation from now on. Good grief.

Are any of you guys looking to cut back on the spenderoos this year? I don't think I can go it alone! 


  1. I'm trying too! Had to re-stock on make-up today though which may have broken the bank :( I adore the pearl details on your blouse. xo

  2. That's an absolutely lovely blouse, the pearl detailing is adorable!

    I'm kind of wanting to cut back on the spending, but it's my first year with a student loan.. so I kind of want to splurge it at the same time haha. Nightmare! :)


  3. Nice outfit! I also did a spending ban a few months ago. It's very hard, but after all you will be very happy! It's also great to realise how much you spend on unnecessary things. I think I might do a new spending ban when sales are over.

    Much luck with it;)



  4. That's a really pretty blouse and it works so well with the dress!

  5. YOU ARE A GENIUS. I hadn't even considered wearing a blouse under this dress (I have the same dress, I loved the pattern). And for AGES I had been looking for a pinafore dress and this pretty much converts to one when wearing a blouse underneath! Why didn't that occur to me!
    ..I know what I am wearing tomorrow to work!
    Also I put myself on a spending ban too :) (or :( !)

    Karys x

  6. This outfit is gorgeous! I love the dress
    lucy xx

  7. You're tooo gorge , love the dress xx


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