Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Outfit O'Clock #164 - When Will It End? Snow-body Knows

Dress (worn as skirt) Lavish Alice £15 | Vintage Bag - eBay £2.50 | Jumper - Mango | Necklace - Primark | Gilet - XOXO | Lace Socks - River Island | Burgundy Boots - Primark

SNOW PUNS. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! And so is snow to be honest, I can't seem to get away from the stuff. The good thing about snow is that it's made all of the plant pots in the garden look like they're wearing white furry hats (love a stylish plant pot I do). The bad thing is that it makes everything ten times more difficult - i.e. walking without falling over, driving anywhere, warming up in the morning, mowing the lawn... you get the idea.

This is what I wore today. I turned my short sleeved, Lavish Alice midi dress (which I got for Christmas) into a mighty midi skirt. This is my way of trying to make outfits stretch in a desperate attempt to stop spending money. It seems to be working though - good times. I noticed the dress has sold out on the Lavish Alice website HOWEVER I found a long sleeve version being sold by Daisy Street for just £13.99. Big Fat Bargainz.

I seem to have a bit of an obsession with lace socks at the moment, I found some burgundy ones in the River Island sale for like £2 or something after Christmas and snapped them up. I also found some cream ones in Primark for a similar price too. I'm constantly on the look out for little lacey foot protectors. They look cool with court shoes, boots, brogue, flats etc. I can't get enough of them! Thumbs up.

And that's all today from Hinde HQ. Take it easy peasy lemon squeezy :) x


  1. love that skirt...I mean dress!

  2. You look stunning. And good reworking there. Were your legs not chilly though? Brrrr!

    1. :) I iz rock harddddd! Yeh was a bit cold, but only spend like 5 minutes outside during the day so it wasn't too bad :) x

  3. That dress is so beautiful, in love with midi dresses at the moment!

  4. You look gorgeous! That dress is so beautiful!

  5. I love you dress, I've been loving midis lately- maybe because the keep me warmer :)
    Daniella x

  6. Love your skirt with you boots! X

  7. OMG tasha i absolutely love this outfit! and the pictures! STUNNING AS F*CK!!

    Miss drifted Snow White

  8. Just found your blog, I'm loving all the pieces you wore in this outfit... what a great combo ! Love, love, love it x

  9. I just posted about pencil skirt and knit lol! This outfit is stunning! xc

  10. Ah absolutely loving this outfit! Your bag is calling my name!

  11. Stunning outfit and photos , loving the snow pics xx

  12. Very chic! I'm loving the dress/skirt! :)

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