Saturday, 26 January 2013

Outfit O'Clock #165 - Whatever Takes Your Fancy

Mint Green Blazer - Primark £19 | Floral Tunic - H&M £12.99 | Belt - Primark £2 | Satchel - Accessorize (Xmas Present)

I really can't get enough of this blazer from Primark. The mint, pastel-y goodness makes me get all excited every time I pull it out of my wardrobe. (What is my life really?)

This is what I wore to work yesterday. I felt like I needed a legging kinda day as I wanted to be super comfy however I still needed to look smart. Throwing on the floral tunic from H&M and this mint blazer was ideal, and I also stuck a big fat bun {BFB} on my head to get some smart, work hair going on. Pinnacle of sophistication right here. 

Benefits of having a {BFB} on your head when you're 5ft is that it instantly makes you a couple of inches taller. Not-so-great-benefits include bashing your bun off the car ceiling every time you move, people mistaking said bun for a doughnut and trying to eat it and the amount of 'let me feel your bun' jokes that start flying around the office. 

Today I'm off to Birmingham to brave a night out with my dear friend, Lisa. Think I'm going to wear my Motel Rocks, Gabby Sequin dress cause it's super warm, and I feel like I need to get my wear out of it cause it's so puuuuurdy. Gonna parddyyyy in my purddddy dress. What are your plans for today/this evening? 

Hope all is fine and dandy with you guys! xxx


  1. Gorgeous outfit, i love the blazer! x

  2. you always look so lovely in your outfit posts, wish i dressed like you!
    love the colour of the blazer with the tunic they works o well together
    hope you enjoyed your night out!!

  3. you look amazing as always ♥

  4. The blazer looks gorgeous with the dress!

  5. Lovely outfit you're such a beaut!! Love this blazer especially :) Hope you're well and had a lovely christmas and nye missus! xx

    Katharine from

  6. You look lovely, this is the perfect outfit for work.


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