Sunday, 17 February 2013

Graduation 12.02.13

Just thought I'd share some snaps from my Graduation Ceremony last week. I graduated on Tuesday 12th February with a First Class Degree in Media & Communications BA (Hons) - awesome times. The day was quite long as there were thousands of other students from Birmingham City University graduating, however it was still pretty cool and despite my hands suffering from clapping overload I had a fantastic day. After the ceremony my Mum, Stepdad, Dad, Stepmum, Jack and I all went for a celebratory Chinese at a place called Minhs in Shifnal. It just so happened that the evening we went, the restaurant staff were also celebrating Chinese New Year which meant there were loads of special dishes to try and they'd even got entertainment in the form of a dancing dragon which tried to eat Jack's head and a live singer. It was pretty funny!
Celebratory Chinese Meal at Minhs & Graduation Dress from Miss Selfridge £15
Overall it was a lovely day/evening and it was so nice to be able to share it with all four of my parents. I know a lot of divorced parents wouldn't do that, and I feel super lucky that they all came together to celebrate my graduation with me. It was also really lovely to have Jack there and I'm so grateful he took time out of his busy Uni schedule to come and celebrate with me, particularly as I know he's got a big deadline coming up.

So there we have it... my Graduation was a success, I've got a First Class Degree and now my life truly begins. 

Note to employers - If you want to employ me for an awesome media related job then please by all means, get in touch.


  1. I go to BCU as well, I'm graduating next year though! Love your dress, you looked gorgeous! xx

  2. The dress you wore is just stunning. And I can't believe how long your hair has got!

    - Tabitha at x

  3. You looked beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! xo

  4. Congratulations, you look lovely :)
    Good luck on your future, I know it's daunting to graduate but I am loving life since doing so last year :) You're going on to big things!

    Karys x


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