Saturday, 16 February 2013

Outfit O'Clock #172 - Granny Gurl

Dress - Cow Vintage £17 | Jumper - Sammy Dress $13.76 | Bag - Cow Vintage £24 | Necklace - Birthday Gift (not sure where it's from) |
Loafers - River Island £15 | Rings - Primark

Hello :)

Thought I'd get an outfit post done today as it's been a while. This dress is a purchase I made at the Cow Vintage student lock in. It's a little big however with a jumper over the top it's ideal for a laid back, slouchy granny chic kind of look. I quite like my brown colours when it comes to outfits and so this dress happens to go with quite a lot of my wardrobe - winner winner chicken dinner.

In other news it's London Fashion Week and I'm stuck in Telford. Boo. 

I did get an invite to the Felder Felder show yesterday and I'm absolutely gutted I couldn't attend. Due to having a few days off work this week for Graduation and then a wee break to Chester which Jack organised for Valentine's Day, I couldn't really justify having Friday off to go to London - plus train fare is horrendous price-wise and I've not got much money left due to student loan and car insurance payments leaving one's bank simultaneously. The joys of being grown up. Speaking of growing up - I think I found my first grey hair today. Gutted, but kind of intrigued by it... Maybe I won't get ID'd every five minutes anymore? Who knows.

This evening I'm going to a super girly sleepover at Lisa's crib. We're going to watch Ryan Gosling films, eat chocolate, drink wine and natter about everything and anything in our feline themed onesies. Living the dream!

& that's about all from me today.
Take it easy peasy lemon squeezy x


  1. You look so pretty & I love the jumper! x

  2. You look so pretty!

    WOuld love you to take a look st my latest outfit post & my first blog giveaway :)

    Charlie xx

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  3. Lovely outfit - the necklace is from Accessorize - I was bought one a few years ago as a birthday present too : )

  4. Love your loafers and your jewellery!Xx

  5. This is such a gorgeous simple outfit!

  6. love this outfit! the colors are lovely and suit you perfectly :)


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