Monday, 18 February 2013

Outfit O'Clock #173 - Sequinista

Sequin Blouse - SammyDress $10.09 | Lace Top - Topshop (£15 Sale) | Skinny Jeans - Warehouse Outlet {Cheshire Oaks} £5 | Blazer - c/o Boohoo | Bag - Cow Vintage £24 | Ring - Primark


There are two things in life which make me want to fist pump the air. The first thing is mini eggs because they're like little 3D ovals of heaven. The second is dressing like a complete girl, I mean come on... LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM IN THE SECOND PICTURE! Ecstatic is the word we're looking for here. I love sequins, lace, a touch of pink here and there, some funky prints, pearls, vintage bags - and I've managed to squeeze all of the aforementioned points into one outfit. Heroic Hinde.

Another thing that makes me fist pump the air and do a little excited dance is a good old bargain, and these jeans have to be the best bargain of the year so far! I went on a wee trip to Chester with Jack last week and we visited Cheshire Oaks which is a massive retail park of Designer Outlets. I'm a bit of a fan of Warehouse jeans and when I realised they had an outlet there I thought there'd be no harm in popping in to see if there were any jeans... Ten minutes later I emerged from the store with an amazing pair of ultra skinny jeans in Burgundy which I paid... wait for it... £5 for! OMGAH. I always find Warehouse denim fits really nicely and so I was super over the moon about this. £5 guys! JUST £5. If you're ever in the vicinity of Cheshire Oaks then I'd definitely check out their outlets. I could've spent a good 12 hours there at the very least.

And that would be all from me for today. Hope you're all spiffing! x


  1. I loooooooove your blazor, it's gorgeous! And I'm the exact same when I put something girly on, I get dead excited like a (cliche) little girl haha. Great outfit and bargain, wow! xxx

  2. £5 for a pair of jeans?! That's craaaaaazy!! This is such a lovely outfit, the lace and sequins are adorable!Xx

  3. This is just gorgeous, love everything from the sequins to the bag to the 3d ovals of heaven mini eggs ;)

  4. I love your blazer, actually I love the whole outfit, you look lovely :) aha mini eggs are the best :)
    Rosalie x

  5. £5 jeans from Warehouse! They're normally like £40 at least, aren't they? I went to the Portsmouth outlet stores a couple of years ago and got some amazing bargains, there were sales of up to 90% off, which is insane!

    I love your blazer! Such a cute outfit! xx

    1. they sure are! I usually wait until they go down to £25 in the sale before I purchase.. but £5 was just unheard of! Couldn't believe it! x

  6. omg love the sequin collar!! and you look so beautiful ♥

  7. That jacket is lovely! In fact the whole outfit is :)

  8. WHATTT five pounds?? amazing! you look so pretty in these pics x

  9. hah i love mini eggs they're SO good. Cannot believe you got those jeans for £5. what a bargain! :)

  10. Love the blouse, the collar detail is stunning :-)


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