Monday, 25 March 2013

Monday-Must-Read #3

Wow it's Monday again which means it's time to tell you all about my Monday-Must-Read aka one of the blogs that I'm really loving at the moment. This week's MMR is Robyn Mayday which is a UK budget style blog written by Robyn. WAHEYYY. Robyn, who is also known as Chobyn (long story), is my cheese loving blogger soul mate who's currently studying in Nottingham. Her blog features outfit inspiration compiled on a budget, new online stores selling bargain fashion pieces as well as daily life bits and bobs. Her style and tone always makes me laugh as well as some of her 'blogger poses and faces' which are hysterical and we can all relate to! Her outfits are always amazing and I'm going to put this out there - she reminds me of Pixie Lott!

Robyn is a fab girl and her amazing blog matches her fab personality! She's a star. 


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