Monday, 25 March 2013

Outfit O'Clock #184 - Pearly Whites

Shirt - Primark | Pearl Necklace - Courtesy of Mum | Cardigan - Tommy Hilfiger | Jeans - Warehouse | Bag - eBay |
Fur Scarf - H&M | Ring - Forever 21

What in the name of Jiminy Cricket is this weather doing at the moment? It's driving me crazy! Now don't get me wrong, I think snow is great and much more attractive than rain. I'm all for it in the winter and at Christmas to make you feel all festive... HOWEVER, it's Easter this weekend meaning snow is no longer welcome. GO HOME SNOW. This weekend (just gone) was practically a write off due to snow ruining all kinds of plans, especially as I'm petrified of driving in the stuff, so I was stranded in my house until Sunday. Thankfully on Sunday afternoon my boyfriend's parents came to rescue me and dropped us at the cinema to see Wreck It Ralph (which was awesome by the way, love a good Disney film)!

This is what I wore to the cinema, obviously I wore a beefy coat too to keep me as snug as a bug in a rug (I don't think I'll ever understand that expression). The cinema was super cold as usual (pretty sure they don't invest in heating) so I was glad to have my coat with me. Actually this leads me to ask... What is up with cinemas being cold all the time? Is your local cinema cold or is it just our shocking Telford one? And while we are on this subject, why are they so expensive?! It cost about £25 for two tickets and a drink... how bladdy ridiculous.

In other news I really like these jeans and can't believe I found them for £5 in the Warehouse outlet at Cheshire Oaks - I would definitely recommend a visit if you're ever in that neck of the woods. There are some absolute steals to be had if you look in the right places!

And that's about all from me for today! Chuffed that we've only got a four day week this week due to Friday being a bank holiday. Plus my day off is tomorrow so I'm only doing three days. Yippeeee! Laterzz potaterzz. xxx


  1. The weather is insane! The corporate cinemas are crazy expensive, I try and seek out the independent ones for a bargain but they are few and far between. Love your layered look and your make-up looks especially gorgeous here! xo

  2. You look lovely and yes the weather is arctic! It's horrible. My local cinema (Cheshire Oaks) is usually cold too but when we went in the summer is was boiling! The AC was broke.
    I'm going cheshire oaks tomorrow, so many bargains.

  3. You're not wrong about the weather! I'm off on holiday this week and all I want to do is stay in the house wrapped in a duvet! x

  4. I really do adore your outfit's, those jeans are lush!

  5. so over the snow! glad you saw wreck it ralph.. i cried YUP! got a biiiit emotional! anywho, love your outfit. how did your feet not freeze off! i bow down to you xxx

  6. I love the faux fur over the outfit, loving your style

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