Friday, 22 March 2013

Wakey Wakey With Rimmel

A few days ago (in this blog post to be precise) I mentioned that I'd popped to Superdrug and picked up a few products from Rimmel's Wake Me Up range. I'd been meaning to get myself a new foundation for a while and after doing a bit of research into different beauty brands with foundations which give you a dewey glow rather than a matte look, I found that the Wake Me Up foundation seemed like a good shout - particularly as a few fav beauty bloggers had given it the go ahead. Plus it's a bargain at £8.99, you can't argue with that. So I plodded into Superdrug and picked out the following selection from the Rimmel counter:

Wake Me Up Foundation - Ivory
The Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory is the lightest shade available and I have to say, it's perfect for my skin tone which is wonderful news. However... there are definitely people out there who are paler than me (I'm 1/4 Hungarian so my skin tone is a bit darker usually) which means that the Wake Me Up foundation might not be ideal for other folk. If you do want to go for the foundation then I'd definitely suggest you try before you buy! Packaging-wise I particularly like the fact that it comes with a pump. Love a good bit of purrrrrrrrrmp on my foundation bottle for easy usage. Don't you know, pump it up. You got to pump it up.

The foundation surprisingly goes a long way and you only need to apply a smidgen to your face for full coverage. I don't tend to put foundation on my forehead as my fringe covers it, so one small blob of the stuff covers my cheeks, nose, chin etc! The coverage is pretty darn good (I'd probably say it's medium coverage) and combined with the Wake Me Up concealer on my dark circles and any blemishes it makes me look nice and relatively normal with a bit of a glow! WAHEY.

Wake Me Up Concealer - Ivory
The Wake Me Up concealer happened to be sitting happily next to the foundation and because the Rimmel products were on a 3 for 2 offer I figured it would be silly not to take advantage! Particularly because my concealer that I usually use is making the underneath of my eyes quite dry and so I fancied a change.

I'm actually quite pleased with the concealer, the coverage is light/medium and doesn't make my under eyes as dry looking. I've got quite dark circles under my eyes at the moment due to lack of sleep and the concealer covers them pretty well, although if I want to look super concealed I add a bit of Benefit Boiing on top for good measure. Overall I think for £5.49 it's pretty good stuff!

Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch
The Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch was a freebie (it was the third item in the 3 for 2 offer) so I figured I'd give it a go. I quite like my highlighters for creating a shimmery glow on your cheek bones and I've previously used Benefit Moonbeam and Girl Meets Pearl as well as NARS highlighter in Albatross. I have to say, the Radiance Shimmer Touch has pleasantly surprised me. Combined with this shimmery blusher from Body Shop it adds a nice, albeit subtle, glow to my cheeks in a pretty pink colour. The Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch comes in two shades: 'Radiant Rose' and 'Shimmering Sand' - I chose the first one as I fancied a feminine, girly look as opposed to a more bronzed and golden look (although this kind of look would work well for holidays!)

Overall I'm super happy with how clear and radiant my face looks now that I've started using these products, particularly as I haven't had to spend ridiculous amounts of money to get my skin that way.

Have you used / do you currently use any Rimmel Wake Me Up products? What do you think?


  1. Wake me up is my favourite foundation!
    Now I really want to try the concealer it looks real good x

  2. We don´t have the rimmel brand here in Sweden which is pretty sad :( it seems like lovely products!

  3. Its my favorite foundation! have been using it for a few months now, its leaves a lovely finish to the skin, Definitely want to try out the concealer and shimmer (:

    Remia x

  4. I have heard so much about this "Wake Me Up" foundation, but they don't have it here in the US :( I'm glad that it works out really well from you though!

  5. I'm realy interested in trying the concealer when in comes to stores in NYC. Sounds great!

    trinawears | nyc style blog

  6. This is a really great review! :D I've been thinking of trying this foundation for a long time and your review has convinced me to try it. My skin is a bit crazy at the moment and is quite dry (it's usually oily!) and my usual foundation highlights all the dry patches D: So I need a new (affordable) foundation to replace it :)

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