Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Valentino Dupes - A Shoe Style Steal

I love a good dupe, you probably love a good dupe... in fact we are all fans of the occasional dupe.  When I kept seeing these gorgeous Valentino Rock Stud shoes all over my Instagram feed last week I felt that it was time to find a decent dupe of these, as £800 is a little out of my budget zone. have a fabulous array of shoes on offer including these pretty similar 'Valentino Rock Stud-esque' heels. I've searched high and low for Rock Stud dupes and these were all I could find across the World Wide Web. 
If you find any dupes that are even more similar then let me know! :)



  1. Such good dupes! I love the pink pair! x

  2. Great post, love the dupes x

  3. Woah, close copies! I love the middle outfit.


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