Monday, 29 April 2013

A Little Recap - Life in London

Last week was pretty mental as far as weeks go...

On Monday I went to the High Street Fashion Week Press Penthouse and met some amazing people - some of the girls that really stood out to me included: Annaleise Dayes from FrillsJude Turner from Jessie Jumbles and Claire from Cat-a-Cake Creations.

Then on Tuesday I found out that I'd won the overall category in the Money Supermarket Passion for Fashion competition. I've never been so speechless in my life! There were a few tears of sweet joy... I can't express how grateful I am for being chosen as overall winner - it's just amazing!

The sun also came out in London on that day. YESH!

On Wednesday I was introduced to Strawberry FroYos (frozen yoghurt) which was pretty immense.

I also got asked to write my first feature for Company Magazine, which literally nearly crippled by brain with emotional excitement.

Thursday I got to do a short and sweet lunch break with the ever so lovely Gem.

Then Friday I met up with my rentals and we began our weekend of fun in Landan!
Although Friday was also sad as it was Tami's last day interning at Company :( 

Saturday I met up with my dearest BFFL *Blogger Friend Fo Lyf* Robyn and we went visited some sites in Landan - we visited Box Park, Shoreditch (which was a tad underwhelming) and then Camden Market! Discussions included telescopes, cats, schlongs and windmills. Normal.

Then on Sunday, the rents and I visited the V&A museum where we explored the David Bowie Is... exhibition. Now I'm going to put this out there, I'm not the biggest Bowie fan... but I have to say, he puts on a good museum spread. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring his life journey! I also enjoyed the various other historical bits and bobs around the V&A including the Far Eastern and Asian artefacts, the Fashion gallery and the interesting dangly sculpture thing in the foyer {see pics!}

So yes, that's last week in a nutshell! It's been bloody wonderful.

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  1. Oh we had a joyus time haha! I want that thai food again (that was the best part of that place!!). The Bowie thing sounds intriguing! The dangly thing is quite the artefact

  2. WAH, it felt so weird being home today :'''(. I MISS THE OFFICE haha. Congratulations on the feature btw, that's AMAZING. I am proud <3 heee. xxxx

    1. come back to the office Tami! I can't function anymore knowing you're not in the fash cupboard! WAHH :'( and thank you lovely! xxxx

  3. Ahh what an amazing week, I totally didn't realise you'd won the competition - congratulations amigo!! xxx


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