Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Bag Lady

It's no secret in my household that I like my handbags.

Ever since I was little, handbags have been a firm favourite of mine when it comes to accessorising an outfit. It all began when I used to look at my mum's vast collection of handbags as a child (and when I say vast, I mean vast) and things just went from there really. Now I've got my own handbag stash which is forever growing - admittedly I don't have many designer bags as I'm not rich enough (yet) however it's still a great collection. Just lately I've been 'coveting' a few bags which are floating around on the interwebs and I figured that now could be a good time to share them with you guys, especially as the snow has finally cleared (except for in London) and we might actually be able to get our spring wardrobes ready to wear. Hoorah!

I don't have an awful lot of purple going on in my bag collection so I'd like to start by adding this gorgeous Ollie and Nic bag to my stash. The lining of the bag is beautiful (you can see it properly on their website) and the overall shape and structure of the bag is super practical for accessorising my work wardrobe. Ollie & Nic are also offering 20% off full priced items using the code 'EASTOLNC20' which means you can get 20% off this fab bag until Sunday 7th. Bare treats!

The price of this bag is beyond bargainisms, and I absolutely love the lime yellow colour. I can't rock big bags as I'm a bit of a Hobbit, however if I could I'd definitely want to rock this.

This clutch is from the Georgia Hardinge collection which has just landed at River Island. It's a unique piece, the metallic silvers and greys in the bag are pretty, and combined with the layered detailing it's just quite a nice bit of clutch candy.

Everybody wants a fluoro satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company right? It's 'the' bag to have and I love it. The colour is perfect and it's just amazing. I want. 

Monochrome? Check. Stripes? Check. Satchel? Check. This bag from Topshop ticks all of the trend boxes for spring. Who doesn't want a Beetlejuice bag?

I love the idea of having a transparent bag. They're not very practical (nobody wants to see your tampons floating around in your bag) however there's something really cool about them - I think it stems from the days of having clear, coloured pencil cases at school. This orange version from Far Fetch comes with a hefty price tag, but I lovez it!

Accessorize do some amazing bags and this laser cut, barrel bag is a b-e-a-uty! The cream and nude shades make it ideal for accessorising with pastel outfits this spring.

Which bag is your favourite? 

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  1. Bag lady, you've made some super selections here. I love that H&M number. I bet even hobbits rock that you know, especially as it's such a barg!

  2. #bagpot
    love ollie & nic buut that H&M one! STEAL

  3. Oooh I love that bright Yellow one from H&M! I'll have to try and find that at the weekend when I go shopping! xx

  4. I need the H&M bag, so gorgeous and so cheap!!

  5. I have been eyeing up that H&M one for a the accessorize one too x

  6. i am in love with the h&m one, when i saw it last week i couldnt believe how cheap it was and its SUCH an amazing colour!!! x

  7. I badly need a new bag but I'm so attached to my one I've had for about 5 years that I can't part from it..
    ONE day it'll break and I think I may cry so I probably should start looking for another one hahah x

  8. Nice collection of bags. My daughter is 6 and already has a huge collection of bags ..I'm dreading when she's older and hope she doesn't take a liking to designer bags!

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection Fashion Handbags & Jewellery


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