Thursday, 16 May 2013

B is for...

Bargains Boots!

You know when you get all excited over a new purchase and it's like "AHHH MR POSTMAN just hurry up and deliver my package already..." Yeh? Well that was me today!

These bad boyz are from Glamorous and cost £25 - however I was a sneaky sausage and used the code 'BLOGGLAM' to get 10% off! Making it £22.50 and delivery was FREE. Saving those pennies is what life is about right now...

Even though it's coming up to summer, I figured that these shoe boots would be perfect throughout the colder days this season (cause let's face it, there will be colder days as we live in grimsville Britain!) I also realised that I don't actually have a black heeled boot in my life, plus the cut out detail and chunky heels were key deal makers. All in all - a great purchase!

And as if that isn't enough to get you all a tither, Glamorous are having a cheeky £10 boot sale (yes you heard right) and it's going on RIGHT NOW! Go see...

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  1. Oh my, those boots are absolutely amazing! I love their chunky heel and cut out detailing, such a bargain : )


  2. These are gorgeous! x

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! Great price, too :) xx

  4. ohhh I need these, I love chunky heeled boots and the cut out detailing is lovely! I think I might need these on payday. Thanks for sharing.

    FashionProject x

  5. These boots are gorgeous!
    Checking them out now.

  6. Oh my god I have been obsessed with boots like this! I love these so much!


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