Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Outfit O'Clock #193 - Chi Chi Chi... Changes

Prom Dress - Chi Chi Clothing* £49.99 | Lace Tee - River Island | Nude Court Shoes - Primark £14 | Clutch - Primark £4

So today's blog post is a little different from my usual day-to-day outfit snaps. I thought that as it's coming up to 'Prom Season' it would be nice to do a little blog post about an affordable Prom outfit! I figured it would be nice to cover, particularly as you school leavers might not have part time jobs yet meaning that you're not rolling in the dollars and able to afford an all singing, all dancing party number or maybe you're saving up for a holiday this summer. Either way, you'll definitely want to find something that's affordable but still going to make you look AWESOME...

I call this look Credit Crunch Chic - Chi Chi Style 
(there's a whole lotta alliteration going on there!)

Chi Chi clothing provide a wide variety of dresses for more formal occasions. I chose this lovely, cream embellished number to strutt my stuff in as I love the whole swirly wurly PUFFY OUT SHIZ (great technical terminology there) that is going on around the hemline. For £50, this is an amazing dress and because it wasn't particularly warm when I wore it I decided to take a leaf out of Kate Moss' book and wore a little tee underneath (however I opted for a lace tee to try and keep the outfit quite formal)! Teamed with some trusty Primark accessories (which combined came to under £20) it's an affordable outfit and I think a nice up do and pretty pink lip colour would really put the cherry on top of the cake.

So yes, if you're stuck for something to wear to a spesh event this summer then I'd definitely recommend giving Chi Chi Clothing a go! Affordable (and tres purdy) dresses... What's not to like? 

And one final note --> between 6-9pm tonight, you can get 30% off at Chi Chi with the code 'FB30' - GO GET A BARGAIN!!

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*PLEASE NOTE - The photo above makes it seem like I've had half an arm amputated (I think it's hidden behind my hair) however I'd like to point out that my arm is still intact and that I'm not missing any limbs as the photo would suggest!*


  1. You look lovely and that is a dreamy dress! x

  2. wow ~ you look gorgeous! xxx

  3. Wonderful dress! Like how you made the tee under it actually work, I'm usually not a fan of t-shirts under dresses :P

    xoxo Appie |

  4. Wow such a beautiful dress, I hadn't noticed the separate tee at first, it work really well :)

  5. That dress is amazing, you look great!

  6. You look like such a princess! Beautiful.



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