Sunday, 26 May 2013

Outfit O'Clock #196 - I Don't Play Baseball

Crop Top & Painted Shorts - Reworked range from Cow Vintage* | Leather Rucksack - Tenerife Market | Knitted Vest - Macy*s | Sunglasses - River Island | Hat & Elephant Necklace - Forever 21 | Cupcake Necklace - Gift | Rings - Primark | Vans Trainers - Office £44.99

Morning folks,

Super eager to share my new vintage goods with you all so I thought I'd get a blog post done extra early today... I received these lovely little reworked vintage goods from the fab team at Cow Vintage yesterday and it couldn't of come at a better time as I was actually online shopping for a pair of shorts for my holiday on Friday evening but couldn't find anything.. And then these beauties turned up on my doorstep and I was like YEHHHHHHHH!
And the postman was like YEHHHHHHHHHHHH.
And we were all like YEHHHHHHHHHHH!
Love it!

The more I look at this outfit the more it makes me want to live in a sunny country. If I could get away with wearing this kinda 'get up' everyday I definitely would (somebody send me to LA please). I love how the Levis have been reworked using silver paint and the cropped top compliments the high waisted cut of the shorts perfectly. I've always been a bit funny about showing my midriff but I can get away with it here without feeling uncomfortable because the shorts come up a little higher and the top isn't TOO cropped. It's perfect really.

It's Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow (if you didn't already know that then where have you been?!) which means today I'm treating myself to a hair cut AND I'm going out with my wonderful uni pals (Charli & Danielle) this evening. I haven't seen them in SO long, it will be good to catch up and dance about in Dan's kitchen like the old days :)
Do you have any plans for the extended weekend?

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  1. The outfit looks real good!
    In love with the tshirt.

  2. Oh this makes me dream of summer, I wonder if England will ever have a more then a week straight of sun eh... I WISH!
    You look lovely xx

  3. I love the cropped tee, it's so all-american ahah

    xo Joana
    Grow In Fashion

  4. love the look, the shorts are really pretty and adore the top
    such a laidback look!
    xx ish

  5. Look at your figure you little shit, you look amazing! #CREEPY. I've been dreaming of LA recently, let's move together YEAHHH. Also, I just got your make up comment last night, I don't really wear foundation but sometimes, on real bad skin days, I put on some maybelline matte mousse (but sssh don't tell the beauty bloggers cos I think it's frowned upon as a foundation) xxx

  6. Love it you look so cool!!! xoxo

  7. Hey,
    amazing outfit and great pictures! I love your shorts - suits you so good.

  8. Love this outfit :)
    xoxo Appie |

  9. You sexy thing you sexy thing you. I love the length of the top - some literally barely cover my nip naps, what's up with that?! MISS YOU MAN.


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