Sunday, 30 June 2013

He's A Superdry Kinda Guy

The past month I've had all sorts of reasons to be proud of this guy. Not only has he achieved a Distinction (MA) in Architecture after six years of extremely hard work, but he's also landed a fantastic job in London (he starts tomorrow!) within one week of finishing his degree. Not many people can say they stepped out of Uni and landed a job a week later - I know I certainly couldn't... As well as being a complete brain box, I also realised the other day that Jack can seriously strike a pose - I mean like whuuuuurt?! He's giving me a run for my money, I need to up my game...

Recently I was contacted by Superdry regarding a new campaign they're promoting whereby bloggers style their boyfriends (or brothers, or male friends) in a chosen item from the latest SS13 menswear collection. I asked Jack if he'd be interested in getting involved, and of course he said yes (nothing phases this guy!) He chose this neutral, blue and white striped tee (£24.99) and I got to work on styling an outfit based around the top. In the end (and after a bit of input from Mr Model himself) we agreed on a smart/casual outfit which is not only perfect for summer, but can be worn in a whole manner of situations - pub, bar, cinema, shopping, social event, you name it! We had quite a bit of fun putting the outfit together and of course photographing him in it too was a right laugh (see outtakes below!)

Jacks Verdict - "I like the fact that this t-shirt is extremely versatile. It can be layered in outfits - for example under a shirt, piece of knitwear or blazer - but it can also look really good on it's own. I like the way Superdry have branded t shirts with the large logo on, but also branch out to more subtle t-shirts too for people like me who want something a bit more understated and toned down. Also, the feel of the material is good - it's really soft which is reet good!"

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  1. aww look at him! he is good at poses for sure hahah. Lovley post! xx


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