Friday, 26 July 2013

APP-solutely Fabulous (See what I did there?)

These days there are no end of phone apps allowing you to get hold of the latest information for next to nothing - in fact, most of the time it's free! There's an app for almost everything, which means fashion can be right at your well-manicured fingertips and you might not even know it. I'm forever drawing fashion inspiration from my phone - whether I'm checking up on Lookbook, reading the Company Weekly Edit or uploading a new outfit to Pose. There's always something fash-related going on, and because it's on my phone I can do it ALL the time. Whether I'm commuting, waiting for a meeting or just having a browse before bed, you can access fashion whenever you want and it's super easy. Here are a few of my fave go-to apps for getting my daily dose of sartorial inspo and just generally finding out what's going on in the wonderful world of fashion!

Pose (Free)
If you're a fashion blogger and you haven't yet heard of Pose, then slap those wrists. Tssk tssk. Pose is the ultimate application on your phone for uploading outfit shots, it's a bit like Lookbook but so simple and you can get an outfit (complete with labels) uploaded in minutes. Check out my Pose profile here, and if you haven't already - go download! I love looking at the outfits available on this particular app (Millie Mackintosh's outfits are dreamy) and if I'm ever in a bit of a rush in the morning and having a bit of a style-mare then I can be sure to get some ideas from this handy little app!

Company Weekly Edit (69p)
Company Magazine have a weekly edit app which is FAB-U-LOUS. I got to work on it first hand during my internship there and ever since I've been hooked! There are so many weekly features including my personal fave 'Blog On' series as well as 'The Week According To Company' (highlighting some rather unusual and usually hilarious stories of the week) and of course, 'WIN'. Where you can win stuff, obvs...

Walk in my Closet (Free)
This app basically allows you to upload pictures and actually link to where you bought it from, so essentially people can shop your wardrobe. Pretty cool huh? You can either sign up and use it to shop other people's wardrobes or you can be an 'Influencer' and upload your outfits and let people shop them! #trĂ©s #bien

O2 Moments (Free)
Sorry in advance if you're not on o2 cause you can't take advantage of this app, however if you are then BOY are you in for a treat. Get the o2 priority moments app and get discounts galore at a whole loada shops / restaurants / travel agents / etc etc etc. It's pretty special. I love a good bit of discount.

Lookbook (Free)
Self explanatory. It's like the website, but IN YOUR MOBILE SCREEN. Ahhhh sweet sweet international fashion. Get hypin' sisters (and brothers). You can find me on Lookbook here (feel free to leave your links in the comments section too!)

Cloth Weather (69p)
The same principle as Pose and Lookbook, but this time it takes into account the weather forecast near you and advises you on what to wear based on what you've worn previously. COOL HUH?! I'm forever wearing inappropriate things because I don't check the weather forecast, so this is the perfect bit of phone software for me. You can also edit photos and practically create a style diary using this app. YAYZ.

Shop Style (Free)
I love the Shop Style website as I can type in what I'm after - for example, T Bar shoes - and it hunts practically ALL of the online shops to find a whole loada T Bar shoes. And if you want to look for T Bar shoes under £50 you can adjust the settings and find some bargains for your beautiful feet! When I found out that they have an app I nearly did a squeal (I said nearly, ok maybe I did do a little squeal out loud - a SQOL?! Doesn't have the same ring to it as LOL. Moving on...) So yes, Shop Style. Get on it!

Do you use Fash-Apps on your phone? Got any good ones you'd like to share?! Drop em in the comment section :) 

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