Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bit of Bronzer, Bit of Body Shop, Bit of a Beauty Review.

I haven't done a beauty review in a while, in fact I haven't really blogged much of late. The reason being, I had several things going on throughout June including: attending Park Life Festival on behalf of Company Mag (which was an amazing experience - check out the street style I snapped here), going on holiday to Croatia, celebrating my 22nd birthday and making the most of my boyfriend before he left to go and live in London (which was Sunday). So yes, I'm sorry for the lack of internet presence and I hope you can all forgive me for being a terrible blogger!

The good news (well it's not particularly good news for me, but hey) is that now I have a big hole back in my life - the joys of long distant relationships - I will have more time on my hands and therefore will be blogging on the regz. Let me hear you say 'YERR!' I guess every cloud has a silver lining...

Honey Bronzing Powder* - £13 | Sun Luster Bronzing Brush* - £16

Today I wanted to chat to you all about The Body Shop who have always been a prominent and recurrent contender in my makeup bag with their shimmery blushers, nourishing lipsticks, smooth eyeshadows and their spot busting, tea tree concealer. I can't get enough of their products! This bronzing powder and blusher brush (both from The Body Shop) were sent to me to review just before my holiday which means I've been able to try them for a couple of weeks now to be able to give you guys a proper verdict... So here goes!

The Honey Bronzing Powder is really nice and can be applied onto your face smoothly (it doesn't seem to gather in particular areas of your face) whilst adding a nice tint of colour. The coverage is quite light, which is nice when you're off on your holidays and don't want anything too heavy. Colour-wise I foolishly chose a shade which is too light for my skin (I chose shade 02 Fair Matte). However, even though I chose the incorrect shade it still shows up on my skin but obviously after getting a bit of a tan on holiday it's not AS noticeable as perhaps the two darker shades would be. But again, that's my fault for choosing the wrong shade *DOH!* On a whole I'd say that the bronzer is pretty darn good - I've been using it as a substitute for foundation throughout my holiday and since I've been back home and my skin has been super clear - I think it's benefitted from not being caked in foundation and all the other crap! I've literally just been using this, the Touche Eclat concealer under my eyes and my trusted eyeliner - and I have to say, it's been perfectly substantial!

The Sun Luster bronzing brush is SUPER soft. I'm really happy with it. I've used blusher and bronzing brushes before which have been quite coarse and have brought my skin out in a rash (my skin can be quite a nuisance sometimes when it comes to makeup and brushes) but this brush is exceptionally soft. It's also cruelty free and super duper compact so that it's perfect to fit in the smallest of makeup bags. Winner. 

So yes, thumbs up to both of these products - although I'd definitely recommend trying the bronzing shades on your skin in store before you buy so that you don't make the same mistake as me! Have you tried Body Shop makeup before? What's your favourite Body Shop product?

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  1. I swatched this bronzer in body shop and thought it looked fab!!

  2. Thanks for recommending our Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder. We're really glad you like it :) You may also enjoy a Bronzing How To video we just made, which features this and the rest of the Honey Bronze range: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TxtGjmQZeI Regards, ^RS @The Body Shop UK


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