Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Outfit O'Clock #198 - Floral Fancy

Floral Sweater - Brat & Suzie* | Peter Pan Collar Blouse - Primark | Peach Skinny Jeans - Warehouse | High Top Trainers - River Island (similar style here) | Watch - Olivia Burton

Hello peoples of the interwebs. How's it hanging? I'm getting my blogging Mojo back this week.. YEEHAR. Pardy! Although I haven't been very well of late, I've still managed to get my blog on and I even took outfit post pics today which is good going. *Pats myself on the back*

There's something nice about dressing down, being a bit caj and just generally chilling out in your comfy clobber. Super fashionable attire can be all very well and good, but if you're dead uncomfortable in what you're wearing then what's the point? This outfit is TRĂˆS comfortable. For starters, the Brat & Suzie sweater is not only 100% pretty on the outside, but it's also 100% super soft on the inside - making it a great little number to layer up when you're not feeling that warm (and quite frankly, I've being feeling very cold lately due to catching a nice cough & cold combo en route back from Croatia - good old plane germs ay!)

Another trend which I thought I'd never embrace (what do I know huh?) is the high top trend. I mean c'mon... me and trainers?! But yes, I've embraced them fully and I have to say - the comfort factor is immense! These high tops were £15 in the River Island sale in May and I'm dead chuffed with them. They're now selling a similar pair but for £30, they have a neon lining which is quite cool too - check 'em out here.

So yes, meet my go-to-gear for some seriously comfort, but with an on trend edge. It's a bit preppy and a bit girly and a bit granny - all in one! WOOP-DE-HULAHOOP. Smell ya laterzzzz x

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  1. Adorable outfit sweetie! And how amazing does your hair look? x

  2. Gorgeous colours, your hair rly suits you! :-)

  3. Your hair is so gorgeous! xo

  4. Such a cute outfit! Love the sweater!

  5. Cute outfit and I'm loving your hair! x

  6. Hey,
    Great pictures and a sweet outfit! :)

  7. Love your outfit!
    Jumper looks great with the added collar!


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