Monday, 15 July 2013

Outfit O'Clock #200 - Life In Technicolor

Polka Dot Crop Top - River Island £8 (Sold out, get the bralet version here!) | Neon Skater Skirt - River Island £10 | Studded Flatforms - River Island £15 |  Sunglasses - H&M £4 | White Studded Bag - H&M £7.99

As if this is my 200th outfit post? I mean goodness gracious me... I really must have no life haha! Or I'm just super committed to blogging (we'll go with the latter to make me feel good about myself).

The other day (last Tuesday) I took the opportunity on my day off to go and shop the sales before all of the good stuff disappeared. This proved to be an excellent choice as I picked up some right gems in the River Island sale including this polka dot crop top and neon skater skirt. I also bought some other bits and bobs which will no doubt make it on to the blog at some point soon...

This is what I wore yesterday to travel up to Manchester in the insane heat that we've been having. It was Jack's graduation today so we ventured up there last night and stopped over in a hotel so that we were fresh for the 7.30 start this morning! I have to say, his graduation ceremony was pretty cool and because he's now got a Masters degree in Architecture (clever clogs much?) the ceremony was quite short compared to your standard graduation (AKA mine which was over 3 hours long - yawn!) The ceremony also took place in this fancy hall which looked a lot like something out of Hogwarts. All in all, it's been a pretty good day :)

Did you get up to anything interesting this weekend?

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  1. Love love love your outfit!
    Oh and those shoes <3

  2. Love that top! Going to have to check out the bralet version ...

    Kathryn x

  3. Great sale picks - looking forward to seeing what other bits you got. I'm never quick enough to the sales to find any bargains and I can never be bothered to rummage through the rubbish unfortunately. I need to get more sales wise. xo

  4. OH BABY BABAYY. You look lush. I really love those flatforms! This is quite the bargain outfit bud! Congrats to Jack - what a super brain he must have!

  5. Great outfit. Lovely and summery!

  6. Love the neon with polka dots, mega cute! congrats on your 200th outfit post :) x

  7. Such a cute retro outfit! I love the polka dot top!!


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